Facebook Timeline, a Modern Tool For Socialization

Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline was lately introduced to its users. The interface is intended to make it easy to navigate much of the vast amount of info that the social system has collected about each of its user and to ready them to add and share even further in a way that's stress-free to explore.

Facebook timeline is the one of the ultimate modifications that Facebook's ever pushed on us in this era of modern socialization and months back, Facebook timeline was pushed to 850 million human beings round the world. Facebook Timeline entirely substituted the iconic Facebook Profile, to signify your entire life. Facebook timeline is a filmic past of your way of life, starting at your birth. Yes, the fact that you came out of your mommy (and at what time! and where!) is now eminent on your Facebook timeline. Facebook timeline actually showcases the modern version of socialization. Affection, forfeiture, chums, rivals, birthdays, endings, kittens, all of it, from nil days till the moment, shared with everybody you recognize online. Facebook timeline is purely the single most aspiring effort to list the tousled mass of social lives in the account of the internet.

Facebook Timeline is proficient of producing touching emotional reactions. Viewing your life scroll before your eyes is somewhat I'd not ever seen before. Facebook well thought-out your social life for you, and presented it stunningly in the air of Facebook timeline. If the old Facebook was an example of cheap mementos tied together with shabby blue and white fish story, then Facebook timeline is an extraordinary firmed photo album for you.

Facebook timeline styles it cool to move around the Facebook reordered form of your life. Cool to share what you willing, return to the things you cherished, even the things that you hated. The do up ""cover image"" at top of your profile is a stunning expression, with all the rest of your life story potted tidily below. With Facebook timeline, it no longer feels like a list of fusty JPEGs and text notes; it feels like a memorial to yourself, and to how amazingly faraway you've come.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

Some people adore Facebook and some cannot even stand the view of it. There are dual wings to this argument and it all rests on what your thoughts are. Same is the case with Facebook. So let's find out the pros and cons of Facebook.

Pros of Facebook

1. You have the facility to find old chums and recombine with them through your Facebook page or profile.

2. Status updates are an informal fashion to let your friends see what you're ready for or what are your thoughts.

3. Building a Facebook page takes minutes and then you are all set to ask your friends to join.

4. Facebook page can host applications, which will provide your page with a very professional feel.

5. You can endorse yourself through a Facebook page.

6. You can create lots of new compatible friends by joining numerous groups, communities or any Facebook page.

7. It can be used as a dating facility system.

8. You can share your preferred music and videos with your pals.

9. Perfect place to share pictures hence can be aptly termed as a perfect Facebook icon.

10. You can play countless poles apart games and use various different applications.

11. You can talk with your friends any time you want via Facebook page, applications, groups etc.

12. You can receive vital news and updates from your favorite personalities through their official Facebook page.

Cons of Facebook

1. You will get shelled with unasked friend requests from countless strange people.

2. You are powerless to change your Facebook page title.

3. Your friends and family members will be capable to sneak around and be familiar with what is happening in your life at all times.

4. Your photographs could be misrepresented if your Facebook privacy settings are not current.

5. You will get undesirable newsfeed about each activity that your friends carry out on Facebook page.

6. Facebook privacy policy is blurred and way too difficult to understand.

7. Your friends will get newsfeed about each action that you carry out as well. There are definitely no Facebook privacy settings existing in this regard.

8. Your Facebook page can simply be spammed, so regrettably you need to manually monitor it.

9. If you don't bring up-to-date your Facebook privacy settings habitually, anybody will be able to see your profile info, images and videos, contact info etc.

10. Your friends may possibly tag you in a photograph that you do not want others to see.

11. Third party applications will demand you for many details that you would not usually reveal. Yet again it raises fingers on Facebook privacy policy.

12. You possibly will waste several hours for the reason that it is addictive for most people.

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Find Out How to Create an Ad on Facebook

Facebook advertising has many benefits. As you might know there are over 900 million users of Facebook. By creating a Facebook ad you can target these people, you can also specify which age group you want to target, which gender, from which country and there are many other customization options you are provided while create a Facebook ad.

In this article I will describe to you How to Create an Ad on Facebook.

Step 1: At the bottom-right side of your Facebook profile page, click on Create an Ad, a new page opens.

Step 2: At the right-side of the page, click on the green Create an Ad button.

Step 3: On the next page, follow the very simple on-screen instructions, to fill in the ad options such as destination URL when the ad will be clicked, ad text, ad image. You will also specify your target audience, i.e you can specify people from which country can see you ad, you can specify age group, gender, you can filter people by their interest. You can also specify your ad's daily budget, and bid rate, which means the amount of money you are willing to pay for each ad clicks. Remember the more rate you set, the more the chances are of you are getting displayed frequently. Since many other people also create ads, those who set the higher ad rate, their ad shows up more frequently

Step 4: Once you have done with all the above-mentioned options, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Review Ad You will be shown a preview of your ad. Here, click Edit Ad if you want to make any changes to the ad, or click 'place order' to confirm your ad.

Step 5: You will be shown options for making payments for your ad. You will not be charged anything at this point. You can choose credit card, paypal, or direct debit for payments. Once your ad runs and it's cost reaches $10 or more, you will be charged. Payment is taken automatically by the payment method you chose in the previous step.

That is it. This is how to create a Facebook Ad. Now, the Facebook team will review your ad, and if they find everything OK in it, the ad will start running. And once the ad is approved, you will also have an option to specify during which period you want to run your ad. This way you can control your ad how you like it.

Learn How to Block Facebook Ads On Any Browser..Easily

Facebook ads are displayed at right corner of your Facebook page. They do not bother you much but if you still don't like Facebook ads you can block them. Learning how to block Facebook ads is so easy. I will describe various easy methods to block ads on Facebook, which anyone can use.

Firefox Users Only:  Install GreaseMonkey or AdBlock Plus

If you use Mozilla Firefox, there are scripts available that you can download and install. These are add-ons for Firefox. Once installed, you can use them from within Firefox to easily block Facebook Ads.

Once Greasemonkey is installed, also download any of the following scripts:

1.  Remove All Facebook Ads

2.  No Facebook Ads

To download Adblock Plus, click here, or to download Greasemonkey click here.

IE Users Only: Install AdBlock Pro 1.4

For Internet Explorer users only, use this script. Download and install AdBlockPro 1.4 to get rid of Facebook Ads  (http://www.adblockpro.com/)

This is how to block ads on Facebook page. Download any of the scripts mentioned above, and the ads will show on your Facebook page no more.

Chrome Users Only

Go to this webpage, and here you will find many Chrome extensions that you can install to block Facebook Ads.

Use ""Facebook Ads Blocker"" at top of the list, or any other one. Just click the "Add to Chrome" button at right side of the extension name and you're done.

Amazing Figures and Facts About Facebook

1. Running Advertisements at Facebook.com

Besides social networking, you can also place an ad at Facebook.com. You might have noticed  ads showing at right column of the Facebook page. These are the ads people create to promote their business, service, their website or anything else.

Facebook advertisement brings a lot of benefit to the advertiser. Since millions of people use Facebook, you can bring huge traffic to your business website and promote your products or services.

To find out more about advantages of Facebook to businesses, read the article Advantages of Facebook to Businesses. To learn how to create and run your business or personal advertisement at Facebook, click here.

2. Signing Into Your Account with Mobile Number

When you sign up for a Facebook account, you are also asked to enter your mobile number. That mobile number can be used in place of your email address when you sign into your Facebook account.

3. Facebook Was Invented By a Student of Only 19 Years Old

That's true.  Mark Zuckerberg, a Havard student of IT created a very small website and named it FaseMash, which later evolved to theFacebook.com and finally became Facebook.com. To learn more about how Facebook was invented, read the article Brief History of Facebook 

Mark is also the world's youngest billionaire with assets approximately $16.9 billion

4. Facebook has over 900 million users, worldwide

When Facebook was started, it was only meant for use by Havard University students; then it became also accessible to other University students. In those days there were only a few thousand users of Facebook. They grew so fast that now there are 900 million users and the number is still growing. Today, Facebook received more visits per day than Google does

5. Facebook is One of the Biggest Addictions

Americans spend time on Facebook than on any other website. Over 800 billion minutes a month are spent at Facebook, from all over the world. Interestingly, a new diseases name has been invented called Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). Since there have been many reported case of severe Facebook addictions, doctors now have special treatment plans and medications to cure from this disease.

6. Some Mathematical Facts About Facebook

a. One out of every 13 people in the world is online at Facebook, at any given time.

b. More than 70% of Facebook users are non American.

c. About 57% of the Facebook audience is women

d. In every 20 minutes approximately 150000 photos are tagged.

e. In every 20 minutes more than hundred thousand links are shared at Facebook.

f. In every 20 minutes more than 150000 statuses are updated.

g. In every 20 minutes around three hundred thousand messages are sent.

h. In every 20 minutes around 1.5 million event invites are posted.

i. In every 20 minutes more than 10 million comments are posted as the highest figure in all the stats.

7. Facebook Advantages & Disadvantages

You have heard about Facebook, you've used Facebook but have you also heard about pros and cons of Facebook? Well, Facebook has many pros and cons for its users. Facebook has been cause for divorces, and many other problems in relationships. Facebook is also responsible for bringing friends, relatives, and acquaintances together who otherwise wouldn't communicate or communicate as frequently as they do now, at Facebook.com.

Due to Facebook addiction, teens are getting lower grades at schools, they less physically interact with their families, but at the same time they have become closer to some family members who they weren't very closed to previously. Besides this, so many other pros and cons of Facebook exists.

These were amazing facts about Facebook. You may also be interested to learn about Advantages of Facebook and Disadvantages of Facebook.

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