5G will be heard quite more often just after a few months time once it is deployed in more cities and countries worldwide. Due to regulatory and other issues, 5G could not replace 4G yet as was expected.

Unlike 4G, the 5G technology has a lot to offer and also there are many 5G interesting facts that you would like to read about. So, read on for facts about 5G technology:

  • The 5G technology is going to generate more than 150 billion USD a year.
  • 5G will be responsible for creating more than 2.5 millions jobs worldwide.
  • Devices running 5G will allow you to download data up to 100 times faster than with the current 4G technology.
  • 5G antennas and towers will require less power to transmit the 5g signals to you
  • With 5G, you can use your cell phone even in a very congested place and in basements of a building.
  • When the outbreak of Covid 19 (coronavirus), many people around the world thought or believed that the 5g wireless signal transmission is responsible for the creation and spreading of the coronavirus.
  • As per Ericsson’s report, by the year 2024, there will be 400 million 5G users worldwide.
  • Elon Musks’s SpaceX company is going to launch 1200 satellite to provide 5G network service around the world.
  • Many countries including France, Nigeria, Switzerland and more have halted the launch of 5G until it is proven that 5G signals are not harmful for health.
  • Many insurance companies in different countries are classifying 5G as high risk.
  • Some research has shown impacts of 5G on plants and trees and even on wildlife.
  • Due to uncertainty about whether 5G is harmful to human body or not, properties which have 5G antennas installed nearby have seen price drop.
  • Not just mobile phones, 5G will make use of many devices like wearables, smart home devices, virtual reality headsets more efficient and more legitimate.
  • The last one in this list of 5G technology facts: Although so far only available in just a number of cities in the world, the 5G smartphones however are selling on Amazon, with a large variety available for you to choose from. Check the 5G phones here.

These were facts about 5G technology. You may also like to read about the many benefits of 5G other than just speed.

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