You have heard about disadvantages of plastic bags, but you have never known advantages of plastic bags. Here I list plastic bags advantages to consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

2. These are easy to use.  (Much stronger than paper bags and hold much more weight)

3. These are available in bulk easily.

4. These are convenient to store in bulk. (Requires less space to store than paper bags)

5. No cutting of trees is required to make plastic bags

6. Paper bags are less prone to tearing.

7. Plastic bags require 40% less energy to produce than paper bags.

8. These can be rinsed out and reused instantly.

9. Recycling of plastic bags is easier than paper bags.

10. Plastic bags are multi-purpose and are also waterproof

These were advantages of plastic bags. These advantages are overlooked because of the common perception globally that these bags are too bad for environment.

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