Learn about the top 3 best alternatives to Windows operating system. These are the operating systems that may get famous soon and widespread in every continent. Overcoming Microsoft’s Windows is highly unlikely but it is expected that a good number of people at homes, offices and universities will be using these operating systems. Let’s find out about these strong alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

1. Chrome OS

This operating system is designed by Google and comes pre-installed in Google’s notebook computers Chromebook and desktop computers Chromebox. Chrome OS was released in 2009 and has been getting fame very fast due to its user-friendly interface and performance.

Unlike Windows, you cannot download and install Chrome OS on any computer. As per the official site of Chrome OS, this operating system can only be used when you buy Chromebook or Chromebox. These computers are available for purchase on various online stores including Amazon, eBay and others. It is said that Chrome OS loads in seconds and applications run on it very fast.

2. macOS

This is another operating system that also comes only pre-installed with computers, known as Macbook and iMac. macOS was developed by the famous IT company Apple, the makers of iPhone and iPad.

macOS is considered stable operating system, and less prone to virus attacks and hacking, compared to Windows operating system. This operating system offers very stylish graphical interface for the users and many people like it due to its innovative design of GUI (graphical user interface).

macOS has been known for many many years, and that’s why you will find a good number of people who already use macOS and are also well versed in it.

3. Linux Mint

This is the operating system that all or most of the Windows users will like. It is very user-friendly and its most functionalities and the way how windows look and how they open and close are very similar to those in Windows. Linux Mint comes pre-installed with many software applications and hardware drivers. If you want to try Linux Mint, you can download it from the official website and try it out.

Other Operating Systems

There are many other operating systems, some are being developed, some are in beta state, some in alpha and some are already being used by a few groups, companies or small number of home users as well. These include Solaris, Ubuntu, Fedora, SteamOS, Haiko, ReactOS, Syllable, SkyOS and more.

Pros and Cons of New Operating Systems

These are the top alternatives to Windows operating system. Although these are very good, stable and high-performance operating systems, it will still be very hard for them to overcome Windows, which has been in use for more than 30 years. Furthermore, as with anything, people resist change and do not want to learn a new thing unnecessarily. The other major downside of these operating systems is that these are not fully compatible with every software application yet, hence you may not be able to run all your favorite apps on these operating systems.

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