What is Project Management?

Project management can seem like an insurmountable task if you’ve never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be. The process of project management involves analyzing, planning, and completing specific tasks in order to achieve an end goal that you define at the outset of the project. For example, if you have a book on gardening that you want to publish and sell online, writing the book would be your project goal; once the book is written, editing and designing the cover would be tasks related to your end goal of publishing the book online and selling it there as well.

Project Management is Everything

Before you get too excited about project management, it’s important to know that PM is not one single thing. Instead, it’s a collection of different things—many of which are already part of your day-to-day work life. The power of project management comes from how you put all these pieces together. If project management helps you do your job better, then—by definition—you are a project manager. This isn’t a bad thing.

The Key Role of Project Managers

In simple terms, project managers help to organize and oversee a team’s performance and progress on a project. Within an organization, you may be assigned a specific project or area of expertise to manage; if so, your primary responsibility will be managing that particular area. In larger companies, you may take on additional roles as needed. For example, you may also handle hiring and training new employees within your department or keep track of projects being completed by contractors.

Six Major Roles of Project Managers

A project manager has six major roles, each of which has a specific function in successfully completing a project. While one person may be capable of fulfilling all six roles simultaneously, it is also possible to delegate some or all of these roles to others. The six major roles include: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing and reporting. In addition to these six core functions are two tasks that can happen at any point in time: developing team members and managing stakeholders.

Benefits of using project management in your organization

Being on top of everything that’s going on in your business makes you a better manager, helps you make more informed decisions and can give you a real sense of accomplishment. A project management software will allow you to view what’s happening with your work at any given time and update it accordingly. You can easily assign tasks to employees, monitor their progress, set deadlines and oversee all aspects of your project.

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