How to Get a Job in USA

How to get a job in USA? This is a search terms which thousands of people make every month from around the world. You might have learnt from your friends and family different ways to get a job in the US but the methods I am going to mention below will prove to be very helpful.

So, how to apply for jobs in USA and how to get a job in the country easily? Read on and find out.

Method 1: Register yourself on employment websites

It is true there are tons of job search websites on the Internet but in reality only a handful ones are genuine or really helpful. If you want to learn how to get a job in the US fast then this would be your first step in getting yourself a job in the US.

So, where would you go?

  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • SimplyHired
  • USAJobs
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Snagajob

Method 2: Register your CV with Recruitment consultants

You will find in your city many recruitment consultants that help you find you a suitable job. The best thing about them is that they don’t charge you a fee, instead they charge the employer directly. Another advantage of using this option is that they will keep searching for a suitable job that matches your profile / Resume, so you will not have to do anything. They will call you when they will have a suitable job and if you like the job, they will arrange an interview for you with the employer.

If you search on Google with keywords like ‘recruitment agencies near me’, ‘recruitment consultants in NYC’ for example, you will find list of many of them. You can simply got their website, create account and upload your Resume. However, the best way to get most of out of their service is to personally visiting them and registering your CV there physically.

Method 3: Email Your Resume Directly to the Employers

This method can be effective as you will be contacting the employers directly. However, you will need to find out email addresses of the employers and you can find the addresses from their websites. To do that, google with terms like ‘mechanical engineering company near me’ or ‘Software house in Washington’ and with other similar terms like this you will find websites of the companies. Got the websites and from the contact page, get their email address and send your Resume. The website may have a contact form there so you can use that as well.

On the website, there might also be a career section. If that exists, you may be able to create account and upload your Resume or apply for available jobs right there as well.

Method 5: Read Daily Newspapers

Although it is a time of technology and web and that most jobs are advertised online, there are still many employers that advertise jobs in the newspapers too. You may not already be reading daily newspapers but if you start reading for a month, you will find many suitable jobs that you can apply for.

In the US, some of the popular newspapers you can read for job search include:

  • USA Today
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post (covers jobs in Washington and surrounding areas)
  • Los Angeles Times (Provides jobs for the Los Angeles metropolitan area)
  • Chicago Tribune (Offers job listing for the Chicago region)
  • Boston Globe (Features job openings in the Boston area)
  • San Francisco Chronicle (Provides job listing in the San Francisco area)
  • The Dallas Morning News (It is for Dallas jobs)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (Provides job listing for the Philadelphia and surrounding area)

Method 6: Network with People

Networking always benefits the job seekers. So, if you were looking to learn how to get a job in the US, remember that networking is important and it you should not ignore this. The stronger the network you will have, more the chances of getting jobs easily in the US. If you are outside the US, what you can do is you can join US job search Facebook groups. In those groups, you can write that you are looking for a job if anyone can help he may contact you. You can also contact any of the members of the groups. Never know someone may have jobs or he may be a recruiter or a HR manager who can help you get a job very fast.

Method 7: Come to the US and Apply For Jobs

If you can manage your finances, got The US, spend 3-4 weeks, find jobs in the newspapers, through networking, websites and apply rigorously. You may receive a call for interview. Utilizing this option, you will incur cost of traveling but you will increase your chances of getting called for interview by many times.

These were the ways to get a job in the US. I hope your search on google ‘how to get a job in the US’ helped you very well through this article. Happy job search!

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