Doctors call it disorder – generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a very common state of anyone excessively worrying about everyday activities and events. This situation often leads you social, occupational impairment or emotional distress. Both male and female experience anxiety at different times of their lives but women are more likely to face GAD. 

Most people worry about routine things such as work pressures, money, family or health. The truth is that worrying about these things does not make anything work how you want them to work. Did you know that anxiety could also be caused due to certain food allergies, heart problems, tumors, hormone misbalance, certain medication? Interestingly, anxiety could even be caused by some phobias and some common phobias that may cause anxiety are fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of lightning and fear of public speaking.

In the next few lines we will see how you can cope up with this situation and actually kick anxiety off your body.

Anxiety Symptoms

What are symptoms of being in anxiety? Many! You can be feeling tired, restlessness, heart palpitation, body weakness, difficult breathing, dizziness. Concentrating on something will become difficult and your mind can often go blank for a while. Moreover, you will be over-planning/estimating or under-planning/estimating things, sleeping will become difficult and if you sleep, you may be waking up before your regular time.

How to Overcome Anxiety?

There are many ways to deal with anxiety, including:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

You will go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist who will apply CBT on you, which involves teaching you how to manage and control your thoughts, behavior and feeling. You will be taught how to get relaxed and focus on your work.

2. Medication

Anti-depressants are most commonly prescribed by the doctors to treat anxiety. One commonly prescribed medicine is Valium. The doctor may tell you that medication may not work on its own so you will be told to indulge in other activities to like light sports, exercise walk, etc.

3. Natural Remedies

These include doing yoga or going out for at least 15-minute walk twice a day. Acupuncture is another natural treatment for anxiety. Acupuncture is very much found in researches to be effective in warding off anxiety and depression.

Deep breathing by slowly breathing in through your nose to the count of 3 and then exhaling through the nose to the count of 6. This is another natural way to overcome some of your anxiety.

5. Wear Anxiety Bracelet

Now a lot of people use these bracelets. These help you going back to your healthy self spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. A huge variety of anxiety/depression curing bracelets are available online. Buy yourself one now at this Amazon page.

6.  Organic Anti Anxiety/Depressant Capsules

These capsules are helpful in calming your mind and overcoming anxiety. You can buy these capsules online. These are selling at this Amazon page.

7. Prevent and Manage Anxiety

Know triggers of your anxiety and avoid those triggers before something is going to happen that may be unpleasant to you. Look for signs, activities or events that may be unpleasant to you. Try to avoid them altogether.

Accept everything as it is. There is nothing wrong in accepting. Rather, it becomes soothing and relieving when you accept whatever and however something is. Just say to yourself something like ‘this is going to happen and this is what you cannot avoid, it is just in my mind, the thoughts in the mind are not the full reflection of reality, so just accept the situation and go with the flow’.

To manage anxiety well, proper sleep is very much important. Take full sleep and go to bed early and rise early. Talking to your friends or family members socializing, eating out – all these will distract you from your problems or potential problems. So socialize more and avoid socializing on social network apps like Facebook etc., go out and enjoy in the open air.

8. Read this recommended book

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