Oracle Primavera has many benefits as it is an incredible schedule management software. It allows you to easily plan, manage, monitor and track your company’s projects, whether they are IT, Civil, Mechanical or any other types of projects.  Primavera P6 is used by planners, planning engineers, schedulers and it is equally beneficial for planning managers, and any stakeholder involved in a project. Primavera has benefited every industry from aerospace to manufacturing, electronics to IT, Telecom to Civil, and list goes on.

Primavera P6 has been in use for decades. It’s benefits to the organizations are many, including the following:

Benefits of Primavera

1.  It gives you project schedule and cost variance information.

2.  It reduces the risk of project cost overrun.

3.  It helps you easily plan and manage your project activities.

4.  It helps you optimize your project plan, costs and resource utilization.

5.  It gives you clear visibility of what is going on in the project.

6.  You can forecast costs, schedule.

7.  You can keep track of project period performance and view past period performances.

8.  It enables organizations to standardize method of planning their projects, generate reports, for better collaboration and communication.

9.  It helps you breakdown project work for better understanding.

10.  You can plan and track budget and actual costs of resources and other project expenses.

11.  It reduces the risk of project slippage.

These were the so many advantages of using Primavera.

Primavera Use Worldwide and Its Advantages

You just learnt that there are many advantages of Primavera. Now, be surprised to know that according to a recent survey, 475 of 500 top engineering firms in the USA use Primavera P6. Furthermore, all military and federal agencies also use and benefit from using Primavera P6. In addition to that, hundreds and thousands of companies in Europe, Australia, Asia, especially in Gulf use Primavera P6 software. There are tons of jobs available requiring people to have Primavera P6 skills. There are even jobs that require no degree but just Primavera skills. These jobs pay you very good and improve and widen your career prospects. After getting trained in Primavera P6, one can get a job of a scheduler, planner, planning engineer, project coordinator, etc.

It is imperative to mention here that there are many jobs that require Primavera P6 skills as well as want you to be a PMP. So, if you hold PMP credential and are also good in Primavera P6, there are many opportunities for you everywhere in the world.

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