Pros of Laptop Computers

Portability:  The biggest advantage of using a laptop is portability. You can take it with you to your bed, sofa, desk, car and anywhere else with ease.

Backup power: This is another great advantage of laptop computers that they come with battery packs. So, you don’t need to be connected with power socket all the time to be able to use the computer.

Weight: PC computers are quite heavy as a PC computer consist of a screen, casing containing motherboard and other devices, separate keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, these all things are compact in laptop and are much lighter in weight.

Portions: A laptop PC is a single piece of computer. Keyboard, mouse, screen – all parts are a single piece. It makes it very easy for handling and use.

Power: Laptop computers use less power compared to desktop PCs

Cons of Laptop Computers

Price: Laptop computers are costlier than Desktop PCs.

Security: Since laptops are portable and lightweight, this makes them insecure. Anyone can steal the laptop with ease.

Specifications: Laptop computers generally have lower specifications (such as RAM, CPU power) compared to Desktop PCs

Ports: Although most laptops come with most commonly used ports such as HDMI, VGA, USB, there is no extra option to install any other device to your laptop, for example if you want to install a graphics device, video cards, TV Tuner-card

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