Desktop Personal Computers have been around for more than two decades now. The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds during this duration. New gadgets have been born. Many analysts claim that the PC is dead or is dying. But it is not so. Although, during the recent years, a decline has been witnessed in the sale of Desktop PCs, but it, by no means, suggests or proves that PCs have died.

Following are the reasons that keep the PCs still doing well.

  • Desktop Computers are inexpensive as compared to laptops or tablets. You might find every other person having a personal laptop in developed countries. But this is not the case in developing and emerging economies. Many times, the whole family shares the same computer. The cost effectiveness of Desktop PCs makes them strong.
  • Desktop PCs are highly customizable. One could upgrade the memory, RAM and change the processor as well. The replacement of parts and peripherals is cheap and easy. On the other hand, it is expensive to upgrade the laptop. The tables are hardly upgradable in any way. Desktop PCs win in this regard.
  • Desktop PCs still remain a crucial part of offices and institutions. Every office needs quite a lot of computing devices for daily tasks. If the employers decide to buy each of the employees a laptop, the finances would go down. Similarly, in all the institutions around the world, labs still use Desktop Computers.
  • Computers still remain a good choice for gamers. It is because the hardware requirements of the latest games keep on changing all the time and Desktop PCs could be upgraded with little amount of money. Moreover, the upgradation capacity of portable computers is not as much as that of Desktop PCs.

The recent years have seen a decline in the sales of Desktop PCs. The tablet PCs and Laptop seem to be everywhere but Personal Computers are nowhere near obsolete and they are going to stay for quite a while.


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