Coffee may or may not be the most loved relaxing drink for you but for others it may be the only thing to live for. Like every other ingredient on earth, coffee too has its pros and cons. Some people may not be able to tolerate coffee as it may make them have insomnia, anxiety, irregular heart beat, miscarriages and high calories, etc. This article specifically talks about the positive aspects of drinking coffee. There are many health benefits of coffee and there are some major diseases that a coffee drinker will be protected from and these include the following:

Coffee Health Benefits

1) Alzheimer’s disease: The first health benefit of coffee in the list is prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. People taking 3 – 4 cups of coffee a day are found to be protected from Alzheimer’s disease as the caffeine present in coffee reduces the production of protein called beta-amyloid which causes functioning issues in the brain and makes one an Alzheimer’s patient.

2) Cancer: People consuming three or more cups of coffee a day can be protected from colon cancer, liver cancer, kidney, endometrial and oral cancers as the antioxidant compounds in coffee help reduce the risk of cancer.

3) Diabetes: Diabetes is a common disease found in many people around the world. People who are at risk of diabetes can be protected by the antioxidants, mineral and caffeine present in coffee as it improves the glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity in the body.

4) Pain reduction: Drinking a cup of coffee an hour before hi-intensity workouts will reduce pain in the body while working out as the caffeine helps in blocking adenine which is the chemical that activates pain receptor cells in the body.

5) Gout Problem: Gout is a painful arthritis condition of the joints that can occur in middle and old age people and those who drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop gout as coffee consumption may lower blood levels of uric acid which is a substance linked to gout.

6) Fatal Heart Diseases: the antioxidants in coffee protect against fatal heart diseases than those people who do not drink coffee as it improves blood vessel function, inflammation and protects cholesterol from oxidation.

7) Memory loss: Coffee preserves the memory. The caffeine in coffee and tea makes the rate of cognitive decline slower and preserves the memory.

8) Parkinson’s disease: coffee drinkers have lower risk for Parkinson’s as these people have reduced risk of neuro-degenerative disorder as the caffeine boosts the level of brain chemical dopamine which helps protects the person of Parkinson’s.

As you read above there are many health benefits of coffee. So, coffee is not really bad for health. Having 2 – 4 cups is not a bad choice on a cold winter evening or a hot summer morning.

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