Where do I sell my old stuff ? Don’t throw your old belongings. If you are no longer wanting them, maybe because you want to buy a different one, the existing one has become a bit older or for any other reason, it’s far better than throwing is to either sell them or recycle them.

Selling your old stuff means you are helping poor, also by doing this you are ensuring less wastage in your area, and you know wastage is burnt out to become smoke (carbon dioxide), which is toxic for health. Wastage also requires storage space, and it brings flock of birds to the locality, which can become cause problem for planes.

In this article I am listing best places where you can sell your old stuff and earn some money too.

Pawn Shops

These are shops that buy bulk items from you. They don’t pay amount that you might expect but they are good because you can sell all your items to them in one go, without any hassle or spending much time in selling each item individually.

If you have an item which you think will sell for $10, the pawn shop will give you $3 to $4, which is still not too bad, better than nothing!

Garage Sale

If you have a garage in your house, why not utilize it and make money? If your house is at approachable location, you can sell things just like having

your own shop.   you can give ads in newspapers or even put a sign outside your house for people to see.

The best advantage of garage sale is that you get 100% money as no sharing is involved. The cons of garage sale could be managing spaces for cars of people coming to see your items for sale. But that isn’t a big problem as people would come for 5-10 minutes only and go.

In your garage shop you can sell anything you like. You can even try selling snacks, popcorn, or any other home made food items to generate extra money.

Flea Market

Flea market is a place where you get a place on rent to sell your stuff. There are also car boot sales, whichever you choose, both are very beneficial for selling the stuff you no longer use and to earn handsome amount of money. Trading in a flee market or car boot sales is also fun and good pass-

If you have any old stuff like unused shoes, electronics, old radios, decoration items,  CD collection, clothes etc you can easily find many customers interested in buying these. You may  have to sell each item individually or you may also find someone who would be interested in buying the whole stuff from you altogether.time.

Consignment Shops

These are shops that sell old or even new stuff on your behalf and you give them some commission on every sale. How much commission the consignment shop owner takes can be negotiated and it can be between 10% to 50%. You can sell many types of items through them like bicycle, furniture, CDs, electronics, computer etc


In effort to selling your stuff, you can also approach your friends, colleagues as they might be interested in buying stuff from you too. You can email or telephone your friends or meet personally and talk about the stuff you have for sale.

Local Newspapers

You can place an ad in local newspaper classified ads. Thousands of people read newspapers and  people read classified ads with quite interest. There is a little fee for placing the ad but imagine how many people would be reading your ad.

Online free Ads Websites

There are many websites where you can advertise your stuff for free. You can sell any type of items. Example of popular such websites include and On both these websites you can sell items from many different countries of the world.


You will never find anyone who would never has sold anything at Everyone knows as a one of the best online markets, which is reliable, has all the stuff you might need, is secure and sellers on it ships items almost to every part of the world.

You can register yourself at for free. After that it’s a simple 1-2-3 step to add your item for sale on the website, and it also costs very less to list your item on the website. Thousands of visitors will view your item, and it could sell in a very short time. You could sell anything you like at

Charity or Recycling

If for some reason you couldn’t sell your items or you don’t want to earn money out of the stuff and just want to get rid of it, it is far better to give it to a charity or recycling agency than to throw it in a trash bin.

You will find many charity and recycling agencies working in your city, you can find them on internet or local newspapers, it’s not hard to find them at all. Some charity and recycling agency may even come to your house to collect the stuff from you.

This is how to sell your old stuff, hope you found this article useful. One final advise is that it’s far better to give to poor or recycling company than to throwing it in a trash. Always consider environment and the needy, these are part of us, we need to take care of them.

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