Best Colors for Spring Dresses 

Spring starts with colorful flowers blooming, weather being pleasant and everyone looking happy and fresh. Fashion designers look busy matching the right color combinations with attractive designs to suit the consumer needs and everyone anxiously look forward to the new fashion trends being launched.

After a winter season filled with dark dull colors of brown, black, navy blue, grey and teal people enjoy buying vibrant shades for summer, which look good to the eye and feel relaxing to wear. Here are some ideal Spring colors to wear for an elegant attractive look and comfortable feel.

1)   Lemon color: Usually vegetable and fruit colors fill the spring color palettes but this year lemon yellow color is assumed to look trendy and fresh in the heat prone sunny weather. Mixing lemon yellow with white, cream or grey can be a suitable day wear on a hot summer day.

2)  Tangerine/ Mirinda orange: Another vibrant addition to the wardrobe is tangerine color or mirinda orange color. Being a vibrant color it will surely attract the eye in day time as well as night. You can wear it as a single color or mix it with peach, yellow, white in the day and blue, black, maroon, red and brown as a night wear.

3)  Aqua Blue: A lighter yet brighter blue which is a must to have for a day wear wardrobe. This Spring dress color is so cool and calm that it’s better to wear it on its own but still if you want to have a mix and match then wearing it with bolder shades of blue, white, grey, off-white, pink, move in days and mix it with black, hunter’s green, purple, magenta at nights for an appealing look.

4)  Lime green: Green is an ever living color and all of its shades are attractive however our spring palette this year includes lime green color. It is considered as an adventurous, playful color that gives a fresh look to the personality and usually suits everyone. It draws the attention off the heating weather and keeps one focused on the coolness of the color itself.

5)  Raspberry: A beautiful purely feminine, bold and a refreshing color that always gives you a classy look. Whether day or night, it will always make the personality look stronger, bolder and stunning. It not only makes you look stunning but also brings softness and brightness to your face and makes you stand out of the crowd.

6)  Tomato Red: Another bold color to add in the wardrobe. Tomato red is a charming color that so much affects your body and face that you will always look fresh even after a day full of tiresome activities. In extremely heat wear it anywhere any time it will surely make you the center of attraction.

7)  Peaches and Pinks: Peach and pink colors are usually part of our wardrobes however invest in baby pink and light peach shades for a hot summer day so as to give your body the coolest feeling.

These are some of the main Spring and Summer colors that are must have this year. However, you are the best judge of what will look good on you. Never copy others but wear something unique and original so that you attract all eyes truly.

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