The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery. So many strange disappearances have happened in this area and the reasons for the disappearances are still only theories. No one has ever been able to confirm the reason for the strange Bermuda Triangle events that have occurred since centuries. The Bermuda Triangle is an interesting topic to read about, and here are top 7 interesting facts about Bermuda Triangle.

  • The Bermuda Triangle is also called ‘Devil’s Triangle’
  • It is called a triangle because it lies between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, in a shape that forms a triangle.
  • The Bermuda Triangle has eaten up 100s of airplanes and ships in last 100 years. Even the debris has never been found.
  • Columbus, while traveling over Bermuda Triangle in 1492 noticed that his compass stopped working.
  • Some of the several theories behind disappearance of planes and ships in this area include extreme weather, UFO, methane gas causing explosions in engines of the ships/aircraft, large water waves, and witchcraft
  • More than nine thousand people are missing who tried to cross Bermuda triangle.
  • The islands of Bermuda are given these names after Juan de Bermudez of Spain who claimed these islands in 1503.
These were Bermuda Triangle Facts, interesting indeed!

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