You have heard about Concorde, you know it was the fastest airplane that was ever made. Read here 15 very interesting facts about Concorde that you might have never heard before.

  • The flying speed of Concorde was too fast that it created so loud noise, which could sound like a bang or strong thunder. This often led to many people complaining, and resultantly Concorde had to change its many of the routes, or fly slower over some of the places. 
  • Many countries disliked Concorde due to the noise it made. There was actually an anti-Concorde project. This resulted in its flying over many areas including many places in the US. The opposition was so strong that there was even a case in the US Supreme court against it
  • A flight from London to New York would complete only in 3.5 hours in a Concorde.
  • The top speed of Concord was 1491 mph (2400 kmh)
  • Concorde could fly even faster. Its max speed was limited not due its power but by the heat it generated at high speeds, which could make the aluminum body of the plane softer.
  • Flight from London to New York in the Concorde costed around 1000 UK Pounds, in 1980s.
  • Concorde was the first aircraft to fly round the earth, and it covered 28000 miles, just in 30 hours.
  • Concorde flew at 60,000 height, which is about 20,000 more than a traditional airplane flies at.
  • Concorde made about 50,000 flights.
  • If we try to find out cost of a Concorde, by considering today’s dollar rate, a Concorde will have a price of 200 million US$
  • The nose of Concorde could move up and down, so that the pilots could see easily during take-off and landing.
  • There was a concord (agreement) between France and UK governments to build this plane. From this concord, the name of the plane was derived. Initially, the plane was named ‘Concord’. Later the British government added ‘e’ to it, saying that ‘e’ would stand for ‘excellence’, ‘England’, ‘Entente Cordial’ and ‘Europe’
  • Concorde’s first flight was on 2 March 1969 and last flight was on 24 October 2003.
  • Concorde can still be seen at many museums and other places in the world. For the list of places where Concorde can be seen, see this page.
  • It is in the news that Concorde will back again in the air by 2019

These were top Concorde Facts. Hope you enjoyed reading them!

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