14 Google Search Tools Described

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When Google was started in 1998, the company was just a website search engine company and it was initially started with just two persons Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Now, 20+ years have passed, Google has become world’s one of the best technology companies and it has so many great products and services. It’s products range from web based products to desktop applications to operating systems and much more.

Below, I list the Google search tools. These are the Google products that are used by almost every Internet user or at least people have heard of these once.

Google Search Engine – every Internet user knows what it is and uses it on daily basis. Google receives more than 3 billion search queries daily!

Google Images – you must know this. It is a image search engine to search images across the Internet.

Google Shopping – not many people are probably aware of Google Shopping. This is also a search engine that searches online stores for products.

YouTube – who doesn’t use YouTube. More than 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily!

Google News – a news search engine, which allows you to search news in more than 20 languages.

Google Finance – a search engine to search business news and financial information.

Google Books – a search engine to search printed books.

Google Patents – this search engine searches through billions of patents.

Google Flights – this online service searches for flights and compares prices and offers recommendations.

Google Translate – you must already be using it. It’s a language translation service.

Google Groups – online groups where people discuss on various topics.

Google Scholar – this is a search engine that helps you find scholarly written material.

Google Hotel Finder – allows you to search for hotels and make bookings.

Google Assistant – it’s a voice based search service and an AI based tool to help you do many things such as set an alarm or dial a number.

Did you know about all these google search tools before? Now you know about these!

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