Fiverr Advantages and Disadvantages

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Fiverr Advantages

Advantages of Fiverr for Buyers

  • You will find freelancers from all level of expertise, available to complete your work starting from low to high price. You can find the best freelancer for your work that suits your requirements and your pocket also. You can find a freelancer to work on your project for as low as $5.
  • Easy search features to find the best freelancer that you need.
  • You can find freelancers from so many different countries.
  • Freelancers are available who speak different languages. So for example you can find a suitable freelancer who speaks English or the one who speaks Spanish or Urdu.
  • Fiverr offers online testing service for sellers selling different types of services. By taking the tests relevant to the services they are offering, Fiverr has a confirmation that the seller does have skills and knowledge to deliver the work.
  • Fiverr is at most of the times at the side of the buyer. So, if the buyer is not happy with the freelancer’s work, he will request the seller first but if he doesn’t agree to refund the money, the buyer will approach Fiverr and they will issue the refund.

In my experience, all in all, Fiverr is reliable, has a lot of professional freelancers, it is easy to use and if you want to register now to find a freelancer for you, register on their website here.

Advantages of Fiverr for Sellers

  • Great money security is offered to all sellers. The buyer pays the agreed amount to Fiverr before you start working on the assigned task. Fiverr will then release the payment to you once you have delivered the work to the buyer.
  • By having your payment secured by Fiverr, you are guaranteed to be paid once you complete your work.
  • You can create up to 10 small different profiles. Unlike other websites, on Fiverr, you create Gigs. Gigs are small profiles about what services you can offer. So, for example your one gig could be about designing a website and the other gig could be to offer English to Spanish translation.
  • Fiverr helps you earn extra money for you from the comfort of your home.

These are the Fiverr advantages, now let’s read Fiverr disadvantages. 

Fiverr Disadvantages 

Disadvantages of Fiverr for sellers

  • It’s a little bit difficult for beginners to set up their profile. It involves various steps which involves setting up a fiverr account, then creating your profile then creating gigs.
  • Fiverr cuts 20% of commission from your earning. Unlike (website similar to Fiverr), which only cuts 10%. 
  • Withdrawing your money from Fiverr to your bank is available via Payoneer and because fiverr has to pay Payoneer some service fee for transferring your money, fiverr cuts 3% from the money that you withdraw to your bank account.
  • Fiverr waits 14 days before sending your payment to you.

Disadvantages of Fiverr for buyers

Although you can find good sellers but the top sellers often have a lot of work in hand at the same time. So the seller you choose for your work has the option through Fiverr facility, to ask you for more money to get the work done in lesser time.

These were the advantages and disadvantages of fiverr. 


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