Nowadays, many people are looking ways to earn money online and one of the best and easiest ways to earn money is to make money as an affiliate. You can make money with affiliate marketing without needing to have special knowledge, skills or expertise. Although it will take some time to start earning enough money, the process is easy – all you need is to register with websites as an affiliate, market their products and services and earn commission. And if you already have a website, you can start promoting the products and services right away.

How to Start Working as an Affiliate?

Step 1
Listed below are some of the websites that run affiliate programs and also pay you handsome commission. Visit each website one by one and register yourself as an affiliate. Open the websites, look for affiliate page to view and fill up the registration form. You don’t need a credit card or anything like that – just you will need to enter your name, email, telephone and address (in some cases) and you will become their affiliate. Some websites review your application and approve if you have a website that has enough content then they approve otherwise most of them will approve your application immediately.

Step 2
After the registration, the website will email you instructions on how to promote their website, products and services. Usually, the websites have a separate section on their website for affiliates where the affiliates choose products and services and copy their link to put on websites. so, you will just copy the links of the products and services that you want to promote and put the link on your website, you can also put in YouTube video comments, on online forums, in relevant comment sections on different websites or you can email the links to your friends and family.

That’s it.

You will earn money when someone opens the link and purchases a product or service from the website. Different online retail websites pay different amount in commission. Amazon for example pays from 1% to 10% commission on their different products. Take example of Grammarly, they will pay you $0.20 when someone signs up for free plan and $20 on purchase of a paid plan. Similarly, different websites have different commission rates.

You can earn commission per sale, earn per lead, you may get paid for signup on the website, or in some cases you will even earn per click from your website to the website.

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Grammarly – this online service checks your text for grammar mistakes and recommends corrections. they pay $0.20 when someone signs up for a free plan and $20 on purchase of a paid plan.

Cloudways – This is a cloud hosting service. earn up to $150 per sale or choose to be paid $30 on every sign up + receive 7% lifetime commission.

Justhost – It is one of the best web hosting services. you will earn $65 when someone signs up.

Webshotingpad – It is a domain name and web hosting service. $50 when someone signs up

Fiverr – This is a website where freelancers find tasks posted by people around the world. They pay $150 on every sign up or you can choose to get $10 on signup + 10% revenue sharing.

Sparktraffic –  This website sells website bot traffic. earn 20 to 30% commission.

Amazon. Everybody knows Amazon – a top online retailer that sells millions types of items. They pay you from 1% to 10%, depending on the product.

Commission Junction

Now, it may be a little difficult thing to register with many affiliate programs and monitor the sale progress and earning. The solution for this is Commission Junction. This is a very old and very reputed broker where you can get links for thousands of websites that are selling their products and services. So, under one roof, you can see reports of your links, see how many people clicked on your links, and how many signed up for services and how much is your earning – you can do all this on one single website. Commission Junction allows you to register to become affiliate for thousands of websites. You can also copy the provided ads related to the products and services and place them on your website.

Online Ads Companies

These websites allow online publishers show ads on their websites, created by thousands of advertisers worldwide.

The interesting thing about joining these programs is this that when you promote and get anyone to signup for the program and he displays ads earns money from the ads, you will also earn share of his earning. So what if through your marketing, a big publishers signs up for the ads program and he starts earning. Here are the top ones:



This is how you make money with affiliate marketing and I have listed above some of the best affiliate programs to make money. So you see its so easy. The only effort requiring task to make money as an affiliate is to try to put ads and links to products and services on as many places as possible. The more people will look at the ads and links, the more chances are there that someone will signup for a service or buy a product through your link or ad. So, the best is to have a blog website containing about 500-1000 articles on different topics and in each article you can add your affiliate link to a product or service or a website. You can also add ads at different other places of your websites as well to maximize your ads visibility to the website visitor and increase chance of him clicking the ads and sign up for a service or buy a product.

People are earning a lot through affiliate marketing programs. Someone said that someone is earning $25,000 a month on Amazon as an affiliate, so there are thousands of affiliates earning a lot of money. You, too can start as a small affiliate and soon can become a big affiliate, making a lot of money like other top affiliates.

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