7 Nice Google Products to Own

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Google makes many good products. We know how good and useful the is and also the other Google products like Google Drive, Google phones, Youtube, etc, etc; so the hardware Google products also surely are of great quality and offer unique experience. Here is the list of 7 nice Google products that you may like own.

Google Nest Wifi Router

It gives you 2200 square foot of coverage and is easy to set up. It is also scalable, which means if you need more coverage, with a Nest Wifi Point, you will get additional 1600 sq. foot of Wifi.  Google Nest Wifi is available on Amazon, for $158 or you can buy two of these for $299.

Google Wired Earbud Headset for Pixel Phones

These headset offer rich and clear sound. In addition to being a headset, this product also has built-in feature to access the Google Assistant to translate 40+ languages in real-time or you can use other Google Assistant features like direction finder, dial a number, control music and more.
This product is available on Amazon for $19.95

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

It is an interesting technology for home. It is a programmable thermostat that lets you change the home temperature using a phone, tablet or laptop. It also shows you how much energy you have consumed and shows you energy consumption history. It auto adjusts the temperature when no body is at home so there is no wastage of energy. This smart device keeps learning how you program the temperature day and night then starts to auto adjust the room temperature to keep you comfortable and to save energy.  You can also integrate it with Google Alexa (purchased separately) to enable voice control for your device.  It is available on Amazon only for $244

Google Nest Cam

It’s a set of two outdoor Wi-Fi cameras for home security with live video. It shows you video with 130 degree wide angle view, the night vision illuminates the scene even in complete darkness. When there is a sound or motion activity, it sends you an alert to your email or phone. The built-in mic helps you listen and talk to the visitor.
So, all-in-all it’s great camera for your home or office security. It’s available on Amazon for $298

Google Pixel Slate Tablet

It’s a lightweight yet powerful tablet, which is adjustable to become a laptop. It’s available with i5, i7 and Core m3 processors. The i7 one costs $1150 on

Google Nest x Yale Lock

This is a digital lock that replaces your main door lock. It allows keyless entry to your home or office. It even gives you alerts when someone opens or closes the door. The lock works with voice commands or you can use its touchscreen keypad or use the provided mobile app to operate it.
It’s a great alternative to manual locks and is available on Amazon for $264.

Google Pixel 4a Smartphone

A phone with 5.8 inch Full-HD screen, 6GB of RAM and a battery that lasts up to twenty four hours. It’s a great phone which will last for long and you will really like it. It’s selling on Amazon for $349.

These were some of the nicest Google products to buy. Hope you liked the list.

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