Facts about Internet

1. Research tells us that only 49% of Internet usage is done by humans. This means that the remaining 51% of the Internet traffic comes from bots (software that runs automatically over the Internet). About 20% of the bots come from legitimate sources like Google that send their bots to index websites. Other 31% of bots come from hackers that are trying 24/7 hacking into people’s computers to steal private information or to harm big organizations in some way

2. Internet took four years to each 50 million people. Comparing with other technology, TV took 13 years and radio 38 years to reach same number of users.

3. South Korea enjoys world’s fastest Internet, at 64 MBs/sec. 

4. Seven people in the world hold physical keys required to unlock a box, containing devices that control the world’s Internet. And seven more people also hold keys as a backup. Every person keeps one key and they were handed over these keys in a ceremony held in year 2010.

5. The reason why they keep these keys is to encounter with any disaster or a hacking incident, in which case these people will be able to reset, backup and restore the IT infrastructure’s setting and configuration.

6. As of December 2018, the Internet is 29 years old

7. The first website was and it is still live. This website was launched on 6 August 1991

8. The first ever email was sent by Ray Tomlison in 1971.

9. The very first domain that was officially registered before use was

10. Each day, about 3000 websites are hacked.

11. 250 billion emails are sent everyday.

These were surprising and interesting Internet Facts.

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