Internet is immensely powerful. It plays an important role in learning and teaching as the conventions in the field of academy are changing. Today internet could be seen as a big helper for both the students and the teachers. The readily available in-depth knowledge was never available before the advent of internet.

WebQuests, Udemy

WebQuests and Udemy are the modern tools for classroom learning. The teachers provide a question and the resources which the students shall make use of. The students are then required to dig the answer of the question from the available pool of knowledge. This lets the students develop the research skills and enhance their creativity and thinking.

Streaming Videos

Visual learning is always the better mode of learning. The availability of internet has made the valuable resources accessible to masses. A class if taught mitosis through a video presentation will learn and grasp the concept in a better way. Similarly, many other educational videos floated over the internet could be used for educational purposes.


OpenCourseWares are lessons and teaching plans and materials created for formal university teaching and then published over the internet for global usage. Many prestigious universities publish their resources regularly; many educational institutions make use of these resources around the world.

Readily Available Information

The internet library is updated at a remarkable rate. The websites, news and blogs are updated each and every second. It has certainly more cutting-edge ideas and news about the world. Libraries and books can’t provide that.

A Broad Scope

Internet has provided students with an immense scope and ideas. Now, kids and youngsters could explore the areas of their interest and work on them to reach a goal. The vast domains of life have been unraveled through internet.

Learning and teaching has reached another level due to internet. The student of today is much better equipped with knowledge and advanced as compared to the last decade.

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