Facebook is already the biggest social media platform in the world. But apparently, it is not content being just that. What it is working on next is to be the place to go if you want to watch videos. 

Facebook is Growing Fast

Facebook became the website where most videos were watched last August, overtaking YouTube. With its new tools like playlists, auto-playing videos and separate videos tabs on timelines, Facebook has been working hard to make it very convenient for people to share and watch videos through it. Now not only is it very easy to watch the many videos popping up on your news feed, you can find many related videos you’d want to watch and so you can explore as much as you like.

YouTube Still Going Strong

However, if you want to search for a specific kind of a video like an interview or footage of a recent event, YouTube is still your best option. All of the hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube are accessible through that simple search option. As a result, YouTube’s search engine is the second most used in the world, after Google search. Moreover, the sheer time spent by people watching videos on YouTube is way more than on Facebook.

Better Marketing Opportunity

Moreover, advertising through videos on Facebook is now a bigger thing than advertising through videos on YouTube. Companies now prefer to run their video advertising campaigns on Facebook due to better targeted campaigning and more comprehensive ways to judge its success. Simple views are no longer the only metric to judge success. Likes, comments and interaction with the video has been found to be a much better way to get an idea of the success of a video.

Facebook has many advantages over YouTube when it comes to competing for the space as the biggest video social media platform. It has a bigger, more active user base and much more personal information about its users to be used for targeted marketing. But YouTube’s style as a video database where you can easily access any video ever uploaded will still take some getting to.

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