Positive Parenting: 5 Useful Tips for Parents

Positive parenting is a technique invented by psychologists to help parents connect with their children in a unique affectionate manner. Positive parenting is focused at empathy and understandability, communication and discipline strategies rather than just go with the flow kind of attitude. In order to be a positive parent one needs to invest in a lot of patience and common sense. You need to think before you act on any miss doing that the child commits and not just think but think from the child's perspective.

Being human beings, parents can also make mistakes like children but as a parent you are responsible for building good behaviors in your children. Children are like monkeys, they observe you and then repeat your actions, words and gestures so when spending time with them be sure to be at your best behavior.

Positive parenting talks about being positive even when you train manners and discipline to your children and no matter what mood you are in your child wants parent to remain patient and handle it. As positive parents you need to:

  • Keep the communication flow on a 24 hour service pattern. Listen to them, talk to them, laugh with them but don't cry with them. When children cry you need to change your role from a parent to mother Teresa and show all your love and affection to help your child gain confidence in you and talk out his problem to you.

  • Make an effort to discipline your child positively. As a human nature orders and force is not welcomed so rather than being a strict ordering parent try using a convincing, requesting tone for ordering like' Sweet heart can you help mom clean your toys away'. A positive attitude in speaking will show your love and your child will respond in the desired way.

  • Try to fight negative behaviors positively and use disagreements as a time to negotiate rather than punish. Set clear rules for misbehaving. Tell your kid that if he misbehaves he will make you sad and you will go away or that he will have to bear a punishment. Talk it out calmly and try to tell the child the benefits of listening to the parents. Find some good solutions that the child gets attracted to, like behaving will lead to an ice-cream after dinner or a weekend picnic etc.

  • Now if your child has completely stopped listening to you then the best practice is to sit on your knees and hold the child with his shoulders firmly, make an eye contact and then request in a firm tone but with words like please, thank you, sweetheart etc. Keep doing this till the child starts responding and if his response is according to what you want praise him, give him a hug or say thank you with a smile etc.

  • Praising your child is a must to do. Find options to praise your child like when he finishes his food, when he washes his hands himself, when he completes a given task, when he obeys you, when he performs well etc. There are ample opportunities in a day for praising you just need to figure them out.

Children are the most important asset for any parents and you should be able to tell them this fact. Being positive is the keyword to work with. Positive parenting is not rocket science but a common sense technique that works well in almost all situations. I have tried it and now it's your turn.

50 Things Money Can't Buy

The following are the things that money cant buy:

1. Respect

2. Manners

3. Common Sense

4. Well-Adjusted Kids
5. Natural Beauty

6. A clear conscience

7. Purpose in life

8. Trust

9. Good friends

10. Integrity

11. A long life

12. Close-knit family

13. An open and broad mind

14. A worry-free day

15. A new beginning

16. Confidence

17. A great idea

18. Talent

19. Wisdom

20. Intelligence

21. An honest politician

22. Peace of mind

23. Good memories

24. Patience

25. Luck

26. Obedient children

27. A string work ethic

28. Time to relax

29. Happy memories

30. Good Karma

31. A happy family

32. Appreciation of simple things

33. Care of others

34. True love

35. A golden anniversary

36. A second chance in life

37. Peace in the world

38. Quality time with your friends

39. Humility

40. Faith

41. Youth

42. Justice

43. A proper perspective

44. Selflessness

45. A clear mind

46. Self-confidence

47. Self-respect

48. Hygiene

49. Good connection with God


These were the things that money can't buy. Comment below letting us know what you think about money and whether you agree with the above things that money cant buy?

Learn How to Catch a Cheater: 5 Effective Ways

How to Catch a Cheater

The minute you have touched the point in the relationship where you are doubtful that your partner is cheating, odds are that the relationship is now ruined, irrespective of whether you catch your spouse with another or not. Certain folks do decide on to stay in a relationship after disloyalty, and the one way to heal the relationship is to know definitely, so in what way do you catch a cheater?

Those who cheat do leave signs, and if you are keen to search for them then delve into them, you will catch them - if your spouse surely is cheating. If you think that your partner is cheating on you, then you should not worry at all. Simply check our guide on how to catch a cheater. Few but effective ways have been listed below on how to catch a cheater.

Changes in Cell Phone/Telephone Usage

Mobile phones have added an entire fresh facet to cheating. What you need to hunt for to catch a cheater is a change in the manner the mobile is used. The cheater may change the display of the screen to show whatsoever he/she need it to display, and with text messaging, and silent or vibrating ringers, it is much easier to ignore a call if the cheaters can't talk at the moment for fear of being caught.

Changes in PC/Laptop Usage

It's a cybernetic play area for cheaters. Do they decline to share secret codes or passwords? Did they formerly pool their passwords with you, and then again all of a sudden changed them? If you need to catch a cheater, you certainly will have to keep an eye on it.

Changes in Behavior

When cheaters are double-dealing, their manners will change, it's just that meek, and you should recognize what to hunt for. Not backed up annoyance or heated bursts for no purpose are another likely sign of cheating. You may catch cheaters who pick miniature fights for no purpose that knock-back into something much larger than they would be. If this happens on a regular basis, then this sign is enough for you to catch a cheater.

Changed Stories Every Time

Does he state you one tale at one point and then later, the tale changes a little, or does he just get annoyed when you provoke him and choice a fight to root a quarrel and take the attention off his deceits?. When you constantly catch a cheater in deceptions to hide the false, he will fail to recall what he has told when. Even the finest of handling cheaters will sooner or later stumble and be unable to remember a shield lie or there will merely be lots of shield lies to recall them all.

Spot Checks

Spots checks are very necessary to catch a cheater and history is witness that spot checks have proven to be fruitful. Do exercise spot checks on your spouse and try to catch him/her by surprise, but the essence of that surprise should be wrapped in sweet deception. Your spouse should never know that he/she is being checked on every activity and faith of relations. Cheater often tend to follow very strange routine which may not be obvious from a distance but when breached by using spot checks ; it breads a whole complex story which was resident within a smooth and normal routine.

List of PMI Certifications

PMI Certifications

Professionals from various industries seek information about which project management certification they should go for? Which one of these is the best? Common questions asked are whether these are really worth doing, can they do these certifications, are they eligible, and so on.

So Which Certification is Right For You?

And the answer to these questions is that it depends on your requirement.  If you like to gain more knowledge about project management then you don't need any certification. As they require significant amount of time, energy and resources. So, better spend your time and money on something that is of more significance for your professional life.

But, if you are applying for the positions like of a Project Manager then you should go for certifications offered by PMI, as these will give your CV an edge and help you to stay on top during the recruitment process and you would only be competing with those who already got one. If this is the case then which certificate one should go about?

Most Popular PMI Certification

The most common among PMI certifications is Project Management Professional, commonly known as PMP. Project Management Professional (PMP) is most suitable for project managers and not for every person who has no or little project experience. The PMP credential cannot be attached with novice and but those who carry this title are trusted immediately and they deliver projects. The knowledge base of PMP is robust and is kept up to date by the professional contributing in it from around the world. So this surely is the best PM certification you have.

In addition the following qualities make PMP certification stand out among others.

1. It is less costly.
2. It gives the best return of your investment.
3. It has global recognition.
4. It is greatly in demand throughout the 7 continents.
5. The exam of PMP is same for everyone in the world.
6. The evaluation is done on the objective criteria.
7. It is equally good for professionals, engineers or managers from all industries, whether Civil, IT, Mechanical, Telecom or any other.

If you are interested to learn more about PMP certification, read Benefits of obtaining PMP training and PMP certification.

Other PMI Certifications

1. Program Management Professional (PgMP)

2. PMI Scheduling Professional  (PMI-SP)

3. PMI Risk Management Professional  (PMI-RMP)

4. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner  (PMI-ACP )

5. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This was the list of PMI certifications. If you are interested in seeking any of these credentials, you should visit to find out the eligibility requirements, training needs, costs and all the details you may need.

Significance and Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a significant theory for marketers who intend to improve their marketing strategies. For understanding the consumer behavior marketer try to know how consumer feels, how they think.

Consumer behavior plays a vital role in the success of a product . marketers largely depend upon consumer position of behavior. There are several dynamics of consumer behavior, some cultural issues, family values, decision making process of consumer, factors which affected consumer behavior.  Consumer also have special consideration on cultural and special occasions where marketers seems to highlight their product in special manner along with they offer free gifts and limited time scheme so consumer prefer to buy them.

Consumer behavior can change in different periods of time, for example if they like to take tea or fresh juices in the evening so marketers feel better to show such type of advertisement in this specific period. 

Media has been playing specific role for changing the consumer behavior but some time immature marketing for some diet products or some time marketers seems to provide easy way to obtained credit at flexible terms for consumers without having any precautions.  For understanding the consumer behavior we need to understand the reason where consumer prefer to buy comfortably and which factors are attractive for consumer for buying a product.

Consumer Buying Process

Consumer buying process also influenced consumer to buy a certain item, we can divide consumer buying process in various phases, awareness of needs and some time desire to buy a product because of some external motivation.

Some time consumer gets information from their own mind and sometime they feel to get external information from friends , relatives etc. purchase decision with some alternatives includes some choices , several packages are highly appreciated. If Mode of payment are relaxed to consumer they prefer to buy it.

Pre-Purchase & Post Purchase Behavior

Consumer behavior may be different before purchase a product and after purchase or hiring services so mature marketers has to focus both the behaviors in their strategy

Marketers want to know about consumer behavior? Well, marketers often used some different techniques to know the opinion of consumer about their product or service. Some time they go for taking surveys from general people and further surveys are also in the form of mail, consumer feels easy to make a conversation on phone rather then face to face interview, because consumer may be reluctant to discuss all things from interviewer in face to face meetings.

Personal interview can be really helpful but its so costly but if company can manage it so then it can be so interesting and effective as well. interviewer can elaborate all the things and then he can take better from consumer.

Online surveys can also be effective irrespective of this thing that all the people will not have access.

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior:

In generally a lot of factors affecting consumer behavior like cultural trends , values, perceptions , social , education level, wealth, region of consumer either they belong from African American or Asian American or other regions, economic conditions. We can summarize these factors in four major factors:

  • Psychological factors
  • Sociological factor
  • Economic factor

Continue reading on page 2 for details on factors that effect consumer behavior.

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