What is Internet of Things?

What is Internet of Things and what does IoT mean? IoT, short for Internet of Things means anything connected to the Internet to be operated remotely. So, the example of IoT could be your room light bulbs connected to a smartphone app through Internet so that you could turn the light on/off without needing to move to the on/off switch.

Using the Internet of Things technologies, we can connect virtually any electronic device to the Internet to be accessed and operated remotely. The concept of connecting electronic devices to the Internet is not very old and that is why we don’t see and hear a lot (as of 2020) of IoT but work on IoT technology is happening very fast. Technology analysts predict that there will be around 40 billion connected IoT devices by the year 2025!

What are Different Uses of Internet of Things?


The IoT technologies used in transportation, can assist in control, communication and processing of information. For example, IoT could be used for smart parking, smart traffic control, electronic toll collection systems, vehicle control.

Building construction

IoT devices can be used to monitor and control the electrical and mechanical infrastructure used in buildings, such as an elevator. IoT can also be used for real-time monitoring and controlling of energy consumption, and likewise there could be many other such IoT uses in home and building automation.


Internet of Things can extensively be used for connecting vehicles, robots, sensors, equipment, human wearable and other technology that is used in military operations.


There could be a lot of uses of IoT in farming. This technology could be used for collecting data on rainfall, wind speed, soil quality, temperature. The collected data can then be used in making decisions, minimizing risks and wastes. IoT could even help using devices at farms to be controlled for the purpose of using spray, pumps and using other machinery remotely.


IoT can help a lot in real-time optimization of manufacturing processes with the remote and automated use of sensors, control systems and other devices. The IoT can help for example in plant optimization, supply chain management, asset management, event management and likewise there could be many uses using IoT technologies.

Need of IoT

IoT is going to help us to be more efficient in how we do our routine tasks and save money and time also at the same time.  IoT has a lot of potential. It can get the tech companies, governments and people re-think how they should deliver and use services and products. In addition to allowing us to be more efficient to do things, the IoT will prove itself to be so much useful in elderly care, for the healthcare departments and for the physically or mentally impaired persons.

Having said and foreseen that, it can be said that very soon the world will become quite dependent on using Internet of Things devices, and even to the extend may be the use of the IoT devices in offices, homes, vehicles, planes and at every other place will be very common. Furthermore, we will find IoT devices available in our near electronic stores and these will be available at affordable prices – this era is very near!

Internet of Things Example of a Fridge

LG introduced in 1990 the world’s first IoT fridge that you could operate remotely through Internet. There were a number of things the fridge owner could do using the fridge’s IoT technology such as he would be notified if the inside fridge temperature is low and needs an increase. That fridge had other interesting features. Read about how IoT fridges are evolving and what features they currently have and will have in the near future. It’s very interesting what an advanced IoT fridge could do. Read more about it here.

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