In 1990s, the idea of connecting home alliances such as TV, fridge, heater, etc through Internet was promoted and commercialized. In year 2000, LG was the first company in the world to introduce the world’s first smart fridge. That fridge used the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to allow you change the temperature inside the fridge from a mobile phone app, to alert you if the door was left opened accidentally and to do a number of more smart things like these. The product was not successful because people considered it to be overly prices and non-essential.

Smart Fridge Features

Today, smart fridges come with many different features and the list below mentions the best smart fridge features:

  • The smart fridge allows you to see inside your refrigerator from different angles.
  • You can track what you have in the fridge and what you need to buy at the grocery store.
  • Smart refrigerators can help you manage the expiry of products by sending you alerts about what should be thrown out.
  • Some smart fridges can automatically re-order products when their are finished or when less quantity is left, through online websites .
  • The fridge will ping you if you have left the door open.
  • Some smart fridges also work as an entertainment hub, allowing you to play music.
  • Some have digital planners that let you simplify and organize your daily routine.
  • Smart fridge contain technology that makes them more energy-efficient and cost-efficient.
  • Through the LCD panel on the smart fridge, you can access online recipes. You can either read the recipes yourself or have the fridge read them out to you.
  • The fridge will alert you when it needs maintenance.
  • Mobile app the comes with the fridge allow you to remotely change the temperature inside the fridge.

Advantages of Owning a Smart Fridge

A smart fridge in your kitchen will let you control your fridge and its content. You can monitor your food and cut down on food waste. You get the ability to know when food items are expiring. With the added LCD display, you add more fun in the house by displaying photos, playing music right from the fridge.

The smart fridge is a good choice for elderly and kids alike. Especially the disabled persons will find it useful by being able to remotely manage it and by having the fridge to look after the food and order the food itself for you.

Smart Fridges in Future 

In spite of the fact that many different smart fridges options are available in the market, there is still room for more advancements in the smart fridge technology and functions. The technology of smart fridges may even be expanded to detect the freshness of the stored food and also advise on meals that could be cooked with the items inside. 

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