Many people like to drive in most casual way as possible. These are the driving habits that effect the health of your car badly. The top worst driving habits to avoid are mentioned below:

1. Sudden Acceleration

Though it may thrill, it puts heavy load on the car’s mechanical components and it burns a lot of fuel, too. Sudden acceleration increases speed of the car quickly and may also need you to suddenly slow down the car soon after reaching a high speed, which may be achieved with sudden or harsh breaking; this is also not very healthy for car’s breaking system.

2. Moving Before the Engine is Warm Enough

Waiting for 30-60 seconds after starting the car is a good idea. It allows the engine oil to circulate fully throughout the engine and also warm up. Moving the car immediately after starting the engine should be avoided as it is harmful for the engine. 

3. Sudden Shift from Reverse to Drive

Many of us have done it and it may sound like efficient driving. It may be saving a few seconds of your time, too, but suddenly shifting gear from Reverse to Drive can damage your car’s gear system. Hence it is highly recommended to let the car to come to a complete stop before shifting from Reverse to Drive or Drive to Reverse.

4. Keeping the Fuel Tank Low

You may ask ‘how can it really matter whether the fuel tank is low or full?’ It does actual matter for some cars. In fuel tanks for some cars, two fuel pumps are fitted – one at the tank surface and one higher than that. Both the pumps are running together at all the times. If you keep the tank low in fuel, the upper fuel pump will not be pulling in fuel and thus may get dry enough and damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep at least half of your fuel tank filled with the fuel all the times.

5. Not Using the Parking Break

It is highly recommended to always use the parking break when you park your car. Putting the gear in ‘Park’ mode does stop the car from moving but it puts a lot of pressure on a little piece of metal in the transmission system, which may wear out quickly or even break. So, always use your vehicles’s parking break when you park your car.

6. Carrying Too Much Weight

When the car is heavily loaded, a lot of stress is put on the car’s suspension system brakes as well as the engine. Make sure to load your car with weight that will not pull down the car too much.

7. Continuous Use of Breaks

People often use continuous breaking while going downhill. This generates too much heat in the car’s breaking system, and cause risk of wear or break-pad breaking. The alternative and better solution is to shift into a lower gear

These were the top 7 bad driving habits that you should avoid. Hope you found these useful.

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