The market for tablets has blossomed very quickly over the past years. The Samsung Galaxy tabs and iPads have proven to be huge commercial breakthroughs. The portable nature of tablets, their small weight and attractive applications are some of the factors behind their enormous success. Tablets are popular among consumers of every age-group, but children are undoubtedly fascinated the most by their unique appearances and easy to understand functions. As a result, adult consumers are totally outnumbered by the children users. But before handing these tablets over to their young ones, the parents must be aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Tablet PCs

The most notable advantage of the use of tablets by children is entertainment. Children can amuse themselves by playing thousands of interesting games which are in accordance with their age-group. Some educational games are also available on the Apple Store and Google Play which can prove to be very helpful in teaching the young ones alphabets and numbers. These games also enhance the reading, time-telling, mathematics, art and memory skills of the children and in turn, improve their mental capabilities. The use of tablets makes children more active physically as well as mentally.

Disadvantages of Tablet PCs

Although the use of tablets increases the mental sharpness of children and helps them in their early education, it also carries many disadvantages. The most prominent drawback of the use of tablets by children is the medical one. The intense rays coming out of the tablet screens can damage the eyes and result in nearsightedness. Especially children between 3-7 age are more affected because of their more sensitive eyes. Another downside of the use of tablets by children is that they can hinder the development of their communication skills. Children sometimes get entangled in the tablets to such an extent that they ignore their surroundings and do not communicate enough with the people around them. Recently, a study was carried out which showed that the children who use tablets for more than three hours daily have more chance of facing conduct problems by the age of seven than children who do not.

The use of tablets by children has both negative, as well as positive effects. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children use tablets only in a productive manner and not overuse them to such an extent that they may prove harmful.

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