Stereotype is a conventional or formulaic conception or image of a group of people or some ideas. Many stereotypes exist in the world, most of them could seem true if a certain community on the whole is viewed, but we could see most stereotypes fail if they are applied on individuals. Some of the famous stereotypes are mentioned below.

The Fat Americans

America is the hub of fast food. And this eating trend has caused a lot of obesity among the people. Americans are stereotyped as fat and oversized. Of course, you would witness a lot of fat guys in America, but it doesn’t mean that all the Americans are oversized people.

The Black guys

Black people or African Americans are seen as bad, aggressive and disloyal. This owes to the fact that they are often portrayed as thugs in Hollywood. Well, you cant say that all the black guys are bad or villains.

The Muslim Terrorists

Over the past few decades, the world has started to believe that Islam is a violent religion and it preached war and bloodshed. Most notorious terrorists have been Muslims in the past decades too. But not every Muslim is a terrorist; in fact they want and love peace as any other person in the world.

Smart Asians

Asians have paced nicely in science and technology. In the west, they are seen as genius at science and mathematics. They Asians who make it to the prestigious American universities are no doubt great minds, but they are geniuses, that is why they make it to the great institutions. Back home, you’d find average Asians and dumb Asians as well.

The Dumb Blond

It is a very famous, mostly untrue stereotype that blondes are dumb. The other way to put it is that blonde women tend to put their beauty and sexuality to use rather than using their minds. This idea even made some people to believe that the women with light hair color are less intelligent than the dark haired women. No such theory has been proved so far. The most famous example of this false stereotype is the American sex symbol Marylin Monroe.

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