Christmas is a much awaited time of the year. It is coupled with holidays, winters, shopping, food and a lot of festivity. Christmas is a time to remember and look forward to.

The Best of Christmas

The Excitement

We all get excited around Christmas. The anticipation of the unforeseen is certainly the crunchiest thing about Christmas. The waiting for gifts and looking forward to the joy of family get-togethers is one of the greatest things about Christmas.


Everyone loves to get presents. Christmas presents are fun to shop for and even greater fun to get. A nice surprise always adds up to the great memories.


Shopping before Christmas is one of the few times when you can get great deals of most of the commodities. It gets even better at Boxing Day. People save up money to do tons of shopping around Christmas.

Family Time

All around the year, people are busy and don’t have time to have family meetings and get-togethers. But the Christmas holidays allow people to catch up with their families and have a nice family time.

The Worst of Christmas

Crowded Malls

Christmas season is the season of shopping with dramatic reductions and huge sales. You would see the shopping malls and stores flooded with shoppers. It is very annoying when all you need is a few cans of soda and you have to fight through all the insanity of shopping.

Missing Friends

Christmas is strictly thought to be the family time. You see distant relatives as well. This could get on nerves for some people who can function without friends. A few days without meeting the friends could be unbearable.

Extreme Cold

When we think on Christmas, the thought of having snow all around is most natural. Christmas season is incomplete without snow but it could be extremely annoying as well. Imagine being locked inside the house because of snowfall or dangerous slippery roads.


Many people need to travel and leave their base to get together with the family on the Christmas. Travelling around Christmas is a nightmare as you would need to see never ending queues and over crowded airports and other modes of transport.

With all the sweetness and spice, we surely love Christmas.

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