Putin Breaks Silence On Navalny’s Death In His Victory Speech, Calls It “Unfortunate Incident”. As for Mr. Navalny, yes, he passed away, this is always a sad event. Well, we have had other cases when people in places of deprivation of liberty passed away. But didn’t this happen in the United States, and more than once, uh, by the way, well, I’ll tell you it will be so unexpected, a few days before Mr. Navalny’s departure, some colleagues told me, and not employees of the administration, some people there said that there is an idea to exchange Mr. Navalny for some people who are in prison in Western countries, can you believe me, can you not, man who spoke to me hasn’t finished his sentence yet.

Mr Putin said I agree but unfortunately it happened only on one condition I said that we will change him so that he doesn’t come back Let him sit there that’s all But this happens There’s nothing you can do about it. First of all, I want to thank the citizens of Russia, we are all one team of all citizens of Russia who came to the polling stations and voted, and from the voice of every citizen of Russia, from the votes of every citizen of Russia, we form a single Will of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

This is the most important pillar of the existence of the country, its confident development in the field of defense capability in in the field of science and education. Also in the other important areas with you and now and the final conditions in which we live. The special words of gratitude to our soldiers, the guys who, on the line of combat contact, provide the country with the conditions for its development and existence. Who do not spare themselves, risk their health and lives. As providing the most important task protecting our people in the so-called new, in fact, historical Russian territories and in general the country for entire generations is essentially about you and me.

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