The competition will be held on June 4. Who can destroy Shakti, and who can get the blessings of Shakti? This competition will be held on June 4. In the Hindu religion, the word Shakti is used. We are fighting with Shakti. We are fighting with one power. Now, the question arises: What is Shakti? Can anyone on the soil of India talk about the destruction of Shakti? Is the destruction of Shakti acceptable to us? Do we all worship Shakti or not? Does the whole of India worship Shakti or not? Hey, to whom have we dedicated the success of Chandrayaan, and where did Chandrayaan land?

We have dedicated that success to Shiva Shakti by naming it Shiv Shakti; like someone said here that the king’s soul is in the EVM, and it is true. Raja’s soul is indeed in the EVM; it is in every institution of India, it is in the ED, it is in the CBI, it is in the Income Tax Department, and there is a senior leader; I do not want to take the name, a senior leader of the same state leaves the Congress Party and says cryingly, ‘My He cries to his mother and says, Sonia ji, I am feeling ashamed, I don’t dare to fight these people because I am afraid of this power, I don’t want to go to jail and this is not one, thousands of such people have been scared, mothers, sisters, Shakti Swarupa, you. Will such people be given a chance to destroy Shakti? Will they give it a chance? Should those who destroy Shakti be destroyed or not? Should Shakti Swarupa mothers be protected or not? Should the values ​​of Shakti be protected or not? Do you think that the people of Shiv Sena and NC have not just gone away?

The power that I am talking about has grabbed them by the throat and made them go towards BJP, and they all have gone out of fear. India Alliance made its announcement yesterday. Their manifesto has become clear; hence, on one side, there are people who want to destroy Shakti; on the other side, there are people who worship Shakti.

On June 4, the fight will be held on who can destroy Shakti and who can get the blessings of Shakti.

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