There are many advantages and disadvantages of video games, and these are listed below:

Disadvantages of Gaming

  • When played alone, you isolate yourself from your family members. Since most games are single-player, you could be criticized as well for being so non-social.
  • Games do not include physical activity, hence you can make yourself unfit by sitting playing games for long times. Some Virtual Reality (VR) games require you to stand, move while playing e.g. tennis but these are expensive to buy and the VR devices are not available everywhere.
  • Games are addictive. Playing a game can take 10s of hours every week – the time which you could spent doing more sociable or productive.
  • Constant playing games for long times can result into eye, wrist, thumb strain. Excessive playing for long times can also lead to other physical problems.

Advantages of Gaming

  • Some games can help you improve your intellectual level and improve your brain power.
  • Playing games help you improve your thinking ability, which in result also help in improving your response time to positive or negative events.
  • You improve your memory by regularly playing games that require remembering objects throughout the game play.
  • You improve your ability to track objects in real life.
  • Gaming also help in you learn how to multi-task and work under pressure.
  • Games are fun for people of all ages.
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