There are many ways to play games nowadays. Here are the three different types of technologies available to play video games.

1. Mobile Phones

There are thousands of game apps available to download for free and for little money. Anyone with a smartphone can download and play any game or uninstall it easily whenever he wishes to do so. The only disadvantage of playing games on the phone is that the screen is very small, hence there is discomfort as well as lack of joy in playing the games.

2. Consoles Used with TV Screens

These consoles usually connect to TV screens and they comes in several different types. The popular ones nowadays are Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.

The price tag these consoles come with is usually very high. Furthermore, each game DVD is also very costly, hence limiting the gamer’s option to get most out of the console.

3. Personal Computers (PC)

PCs offer a large variety of configuration options for the gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest. PCs can be upgraded with special graphic and audio cards to enhance the visual and audio experience. PCs are also cheaper than any other gaming console and are easily available to purchase from most electronic markets near to you.

You can download thousands of free and paid games on your PC. In addition, CDs and DVDs are available in the market for all types of games, which are also not expensive.

4. Handheld Gaming Console

These are small devices, same size as typical mobile phones. They come pre-installed with one game or many different games.  Some of the popular ones include Nintendo 3DS, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation Vita. These consoles are lightweight and not very costly. Many of their models often also feature a camera,  Internet browser and other applications.

These are the four gaming platform available today.
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