Bliss in career is a great achievement. And if you haven’t found it yet, there is no harm in trying new opportunities and giving up the ones you already have. Life is more about the journey than the destiny. Make sure that your journey is beautiful and worth the effort. If you feel unhappy about the journey, you might end up resenting the goal. If you are currently employed and looking for a better job, here are some useful tips for finding a new job.

Develop secrecy

Doing a job search while being employed is quite tricky. Most people do it because they don’t want to be unemployed for even a single day. That is a good idea in present day’s economy. However, this dual strategy could put you in danger as no employer likes the idea of their employee looking for a job somewhere else. It feels like disloyalty on the employee’s part and it is legitimate too. That is why you would want to keep this endeavor secret. Don’t tell this to anyone in your office, not even your close colleagues. You would not want to risk your present job and get fired.

Never use office equipment

You would have to make emails and applications for the purpose of applying for various different positions. Similarly, you would definitely receive calls for collaboration and interview arrangements. To do all this, try to use your personal equipment. You would definitely not want the interviewers to call on your office number.

The tricky interview

The interview for an already employed candidate could be a bit tough in regard to the switching of jobs. The new employer could feel that you are not being loyal to your employers and this could be a bad factor for you. When being asked that why are you leaving your current job, whatever are the reasons, try making it as positive as possible. A few possible answers could be,

  • I don’t feel that there are a lot of opportunities of growth for me in that company.
  • The company is very large with a huge pool of employed and I get to do the same tasks each day which becomes mundane and boring.
  • I want to change my career path and your company seems to have the same mission as me.
  • Don’t speak ill of your boss; it casts a bad impression on you. Never say that you hate your job, whining is never considered a good trait.

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