WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

The following WhatsApp tips and tricks will save you from troubles, and will help you in your day to day use of WhatsApp

Basic WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Back up your chats to your phone’s storage or Google Drive.

2. Customize your notifications, such as ringtone, vibration pattern, and notification light.

3. Use WhatsApp on multiple devices by logging in with the same phone number on each device.

4. Turn on WhatsApp dark mode to save battery life and reduce eye strain.

5. Create a status on WhatsApp to keep your friends and family informed of your activities.

6. Utilize third-party apps to schedule messages for future delivery.

7. Explore other features, like hiding your status, accessing WhatsApp on your Apple Watch, and making group calls with up to eight people.

8. You can even use WhatsApp for customer service by setting up a business account

Advanced WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Delay WhatsApp messages: Third-party apps like SKEDit and Do It Later enable you to schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent at a later time.

2. Operate WhatsApp sans SIM card: You can avoid using a SIM card by registering a WhatsApp account with a landline number or a virtual phone number.

3. Hide WhatsApp status: The “Privacy” option in the WhatsApp lets you hide your WhatsApp status from others.

4. Access WhatsApp across devices: Logging in with the same phone number on each device allows you to use WhatsApp on multiple devices.

5. Manipulate music via WhatsApp: You can control the music on a friend’s phone by sending media control commands via WhatsApp.

6. Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch: WhatsApp is even available for Apple Watch. Just download the WhatsApp app on your Apple Watch and start using it.

7. Employ WhatsApp for customer service: By creating a WhatsApp business account, you can use WhatsApp to interact with customers for customer service purposes.

8. Conduct group calls on WhatsApp: The “Group call” option in group chat settings enables you to make group calls on WhatsApp with up to 8 people at a time.

Advantages of WhatsApp

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

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