Are you thinking of becoming an online publisher to earn money through Google Adsense? Or you are already using Adsense on your website or YouTube? If your answer is yes, then you must read the below-mentioned top reasons why Adsense accounts are suspended. Prevention is better than cure, we all have heard this. But remember, in most of the cases when the Adsense account is suspended, there is no cure for it. So it is highly recommended that you make sure to follow the Google policy about Google ads when you are using Adsense to earn money through your site/YouTube videos.

Clicking the Ads

If you, a bot, or anyone clicks on the ads that are running on their website, YouTube videos or app will be detected by Google and will result in account suspension. 

Sometimes, you want to click the ad to find out more about the product/service being advertised. You should still not click on the ad. If you really want to see the ad, use –Google Publisher Toolbar–, which allows you to click ad on your own site to see the result, and without having the click counted towards spam/invalid click activity.

Generating Artificial Impressions

Generating impressions both manually or through a bot will also get detected by Google and can result in account suspension.

Fooling a Web Surfer

Although not a big crime but if you intentionally use wrong keywords on your page, which do not reflect the content of the page, this may also be detected by Google and result in account suspension.

Asking Visitors to Click

You should not place text beside the ads like ‘Please click here’, ‘support this site by clicking on the ad’, etc. Encouraging the visitor of your site to click on the site is prohibited.

Generating Clicks by Accidental/Forceful Clicks

You should not place Google Ads at a place on your site where the site visitor would accidentally or mistakenly click. For example deceiving visitors into thinking that clicking the ad will open the content, site menu or any other thing.

Furthermore, ads must not be placed in such a way that would hide the content, and the visitor would have to click the ad before he could see the content.

Prohibited Content 

Google does not allow placement of ads near content of the following type. Display of such content may lead to account suspension.

  • Mature/adult content. Find out what type of mature/adult content is not allowed.
  • Content on hacking
  • Violent content.
  • Content on weapons
  • Content about alcohol or tobacco
  • Content on drugs
  • Content that talks against about a specific group, individual or organization.
  • Content that sell prescribed medicine or that sell unapproved dietary supplements or pharmaceuticals.
  • Content that asks the site visitor to click on the ads
  • Content that promotes illegal activity
  • Copyright content of any other website 

Embedding Ads in Software Applications

Google ads should not be embedded in any software application. A Google ad placed anywhere on the application such as toolbar, application front end, etc. is prohibited.

These are the main and top common reasons why Adsense account is closed by Google. If you are already running Google ads on your website or on You Tube videos, or you are planning to apply for Adsense, make sure that you are not doing anything as mentioned above, to avoid account suspension.

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