Internet connectivity through satellite is called Satellite broadband. This is a wireless technology, provides internet facility anywhere in the world. It is considered to be a successful way to connect fastest internet. Now there is no need of long cables, landline connections and old booster antennas.

Satellite broadband is a technology, linked to a subscriber service of dish network and provides internet signals similar to other internet or broadband technologies but now there is also no need of dish antenna as well.

Satellite broadband is very simple technology ever before. A broadband chip is inserted in USB port of Computer and receives direct signals from satellite. It does not need any extra configurations. Just insert it into the USB port, it will automatically configure with computer and our computer connects to the web within few seconds. In past, everyone could not get DSL connection and internet cable services everywhere. Particularly, rural and country side areas were unable to get fastest internet. It was necessary to have typical landline connections. Secondly storms, heavy rains and winds highly affect the connectivity through cables.

DSL subscriber needs connection within 5486 meters of phone exchange. So, it is not possible for everyone to get this facility everywhere. In ADSL broadband technology, the speed does not remain stable due to occurrence of fault in cables and sometimes, internet may stops going further. On the other hand, Satellite broadband connection does not require a landline telephone connection and it keeps permanent connection to the internet with steady signals and stable speed.

While there are many advantages of Satellite broadband, there are also some disadvantages. It is very costly to set up than normal DSL. Subscriber has to pay a large amount for installation and the hardware device. Some weather conditions can affect the speed and signals but the main disadvantage is high latency, the delay in transfer of signals. Each command from computer travels 22,300 miles to the satellite which transfer it again back to the earth to service provider at 22,300 miles. After the exchange from internet router, the data sent to satellite and than back to the computer covering 44,600 miles again. It may cause the delay in signals. But in spite of this, Satellite broadband is a successful technology due to many reasons. Anytime and anywhere, you can get Internet facility because of its portability.

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