Nowadays, many people have been forced to part from their loved ones due to professional duties and many other reasons. But now, thanks to technology, the myth that Long-Distance relationships are bound to fail, has been broken. Its might be a bit difficult but simple adaptions in your life can help you maintain the warmth of your relationship. Thanks to technology, now its easier then ever, to stay connected with your special ones.


This is the most integral part in maintaining a relationship. Doesn’t matter how far you are from each other, if either of the partner deceives each other, the relationship is bound to fail. Openly share every detail of your life with your partner, after all he/she is the special one. This action will strengthen your trust in each other.

Stay Connected:

Talk to each other very often. It does not matter what you talk about, its the very fact that you are there for him/her that matters. Send random selfies and screenshots, ask for advice, share the highs and lows you suffer in your daily life, a little bit of gossip maybe, for spicing up the fun! If possible, prefer video call over audio or texting. There are several tools in out there in the market which allow you to freely chat with your friends without straining your budget.

Same activity at the Same Time:

Do something collectively, at the same time. For example, you should make a plan of watching a movie on the weekend at the same time. Then message each other throughout the movie, criticizing the lame acting of the hero or how the devious villain could have easily escaped from the police. Your friend trying to ask you stupid questions, in spite of the fact that you are watching the movie for the first time yourself. It will be annoying but after all that’s what best friends do

Have your fair share of secrets:

As is normal, you most likely have not one, yet a couple of individuals with whom you can literally share anything. But still, make it a point to keep a few things strictly in the middle of you and your bestie. Realizing that you believe one another enough to uncover something that nobody else on the planet is mindful of, will fortify the bond you have with each other.


No matter how close you might still be despite the distance between you, nothing substitutes seeing him/her in reality. So save up a little and every once in a while, when you can afford it, travel over to see your special one. If either of you can’t afford coming over, then plan on meeting somewhere halfway. This will save you the expense but it will still allow you to see you NUMBER ONE!

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