Do you like eating junk food like burgers, shawarma, candy bars, fried food, muffins, pizzas? Everyone does. All kind of fried food and food that contains sweet taste very good. However, consumption of these foods pose high risk to health. Read on and find out what are the harmful effects of excessive junk food intake.

Memory Problems

A study showed that eating junk food on consecutive days can deteriorate your memory. This is because junk food causes inflammation in a certain part of the brain which is stores information.

Hence, if someone eats junk food quite regularly can have his memory effected. Furthermore, it is also discovered that excessive intake of junk food can cause dementia, which is impaired ability to think, reason and create memories.


Many studies also showed that excessive eating of junk food can lead to depression. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Junk food is one the major causes for type 2 diabetes. As children eat so much of junk food, we see that even many children nowadays are suffering from diabetes.


Replacing healthy food with excessive intake of junk food can make you feel fatigued. Although junk food makes you feel satisfied and full for a while, it does not provide you with enough necessary nutrition that are required by the body.

Furthermore, eating junk food can also lower your body’s energy levels and even the blood pressure can lower down.

Heart Disease

The fatty acids found in the junk food increase bad cholesterol in the body. The bad cholesterol remains sticked in the arteries and affects the normal flow of the blood to the heart, which in result become cause of heart disease.

Liver Problem

Junk food effects liver very similarly as alcohol drinking does. Consuming junk food excessively over a period of time can affect the health of liver and result in liver dysfunction.


Junk food is also linked with risk of developing cancer in the digestive system. Many studies showed that excessive consumption of junk food can cause colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Growth Issues

Children gain most of their height and weight during their teen age. However, excessive consumption of junk food during the teen age can hamper with the growth.

Dental Issues

Since junk foods are a storehouse of sugar, their excessive consumption can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

These are the major side effects of eating junk food. Although junk food tastes very good, we should try to reduce junk food consumption as much as possible and also encourage the children to eat more healthy, fresh food like vegetables, fruit instead.

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