You can choose to be happy. This is what many psychologists say. Positive feelings of empathy, gratitude and optimism can take the mind away from bad things and take the bitter feelings away. In this way, despite of challenging conditions, you can convince your mind to be happy by focusing on the positive things.

This research has some weight. But what if there are not many positive things in your life at all? Then what will you focus on to make you happy?

It’s Not Simply Flipping a Switch

This makes it apparent that being happy is not all about flipping a switch inside your head. It is about life’s struggles and achievements too. A person who has all the possessions he wants and everything he needs, it will certainly be easier for him to convince his mind to be happy than a jobless, homeless person.

Being happy isn’t all about a choice. To be happy, you need to be successful to some degree. Success here does not mean a top tier white collar job. A shopkeeper running his small shop but running it well is successful. Succeeding in small things in life is as important as succeeding in the bigger ones. Success harbors optimism and optimism is a cornerstone for being happy.

Everyone is not successful and everyone is not wealthy. You can try for these things but ultimately gaining them can be down to chance too. So happiness does come down to chance too. It is very much likely that a luckier man is the happier one.

It is Choice AND Chance!

But there is no simple relation between luck and happiness. A healthy frame of mind is important too. A person who has a positive, charismatic personality can be happier than a gloomier, slightly luckier person. So it is actually a bit of both things. It is important to be successful and lucky, but to make the most out of your conditions, it is vital to be psychologically healthy.

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