Functionality in Primavera P6 PPM, Not in EPPM

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Primavera PPM vs Primavera EPPM

Primavera comes in two forms – Web (EPPM) and Desktop (PPM). Besides the many differences between the two, there is a difference of functionalities too. PPM has some functionalities that are not present in EPPM and EPPM has some functionalities that are not found in PPM.

The following functionalities are present in Primavera PPM but not present in Primavera EPPM:

1. Import/Export project to P3, MPP, XLS, XER

2. Line numbering

3. Time scaled logic diagrams

4. Reflection projects

5. Partial baseline updates

6. Global changes

7. Manually editing of future period values, for resources

8. Built-in ability to create any type of report.

This is how Primavera PPM (Desktop) differs from Primavera EPPM (Web).  In addition to these functionalities, Primavera PPM is more commonly used around the globe than the EPPM version. There are many complexities involved in the deployment as well as usage of EPPM, that’s the reasons most companies use Primavera PPM.

Which one do you use? What’s your experience with it? Share how you found working with your version of Primavera, with others, in the comments section below.

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