There are different Schengen Visa types, available for different category of applicants. The different types of Schengen visas are described below:

1. Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)

This type of Schengen visa is issued for travelling to all of the Schengen countries. This type of visa comes in three categories:

Type A: This is transit visa, issued to those who have an onward flight and will transit at airport of any of the Schengen countries. This type of transit visa does not allow one to exit the airport.

Type B: This is another type of Schengen visa, which also allows the traveler to exit the airport and stay in the country for up to five days. This visa is also suitable for those who are going to pass through one or more Schengen countries by car, bike, or by other means.

Type C: This is a short term visa, issued to those who want to stay in one or more Schengen countries for a specific period of time. The duration of visa depends on date of your return ticket, reason for reason – the Embassy/Consulate of the country will assess these requirements and provide the issue for required duration, accordingly.

The Type C visa comes in three forms:

Single Entry:  This allows the holder of the Schengen visa to enter the Schengen country and then even travel to other Schengen countries only once. Once you have exited from the Schengen region, you can not enter any of the Schengen country again.

Double Entry: This visa allows the holder of Schengen visa to enter a Schengen country, exit and enter again one more time.

Multiple Entry: This allows you to enter and exit Schengen countries as many times as you want, but until the validity of the visa, which is normally 90 days from the day of visa issuance.

2. Limited Territorial Visa (LTV)

This visa allows its holders travel to only one Schengen country, which issues the visa. In some cases, this visa allows you also to enter two or more specific Schengen countries. If someone has to travel to more than Schengen countries, he/she will mention this in his visa application in order to be granted for this visa.

This visa, in some cases also issued to those who don’t have a valid travel document, i.e passport, ID card and need to travel to a Schengen country on an exceptional reason e.g emergency of any type.

3. National Visas

Those individuals who want to travel to a Schengen country for study or work purposes are issued with this visa. Sportsmen, artist or any other highly skilled professional are also issued with this visa. Individuals who are granted permanent residence in a Schengen country are also issued with National Visa. National Visas are also offered for single and multiple entry.

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