Facebook and other social media services foray deep into our lives has allowed brands and companies looking for customers to get to us in a completely new way. Whether it be through a Facebook page, Twitter account or an Instagram one, brands have found ways to interact with audiences like never before.

Marketing Pages

The primary purpose for a company or a brand to create a Facebook page is marketing. Facebook has proved to be a brilliant marketing took and companies are spending more and more to increase the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing campaigns. However, when companies create a Facebook page, they are also creating a new way for customers to contact them. 

Gone are the days when a toll free number or an email address were the only ways to contact a company and get customer service. Now much more convenient ways exist, Facebook being one of them.

A Facebook page meant for marketing will also receive a lot of feedback through likes, comments and shares. The same people giving that feedback will also be looking for details or have complaints that they want the company to hear.

Replying to Queries

To maintain a good Facebook following, the company has to provide good customer service through their Facebook page. They have to reply to messages in their inboxes very quickly and nicely. Even more important is to answer queries in the comments section on their posts. Such comments are public and when the people see that the company is listening and replying to queries, it automatically creates a positive perception that the company cares about its customers.

In this world of intense competition, it is of utmost importance that you maintain a positive reputation for the company. When a customer has choices, he will choose the company he happens to like the most. And Facebook is now at the forefront of creating that positive image.

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