PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) certification is aimed at schedulers, planners, planning engineers and planning engineers primarily. However, PMI-SP is equally beneficial for any engineer or a manager who involves in project scheduling and wants to improve his/her scheduling skills.

PMI-SP certification training prepares you for the PMI-SP exam as well as it makes you proficient in creating schedule strategy, schedule planning and development, schedule monitoring, reporting and closing. Hence, this is a wonderful credential to own, which is also globally recognized and demanded.

Further Benefits of PMI-SP Certification:

  • You learn how to plan and schedule small to large and complex projects.
  • You learn how to perform forensic analysis on your project schedule.
  • You acquire the ability to foresee and control the resource conflicts
  • You build your critical scheduling skills.
  • Employers can trust that you can effectively contribute in project scheduling tasks.

All Round Benefit

By obtaining the PMI-SP credential, you can not only work better at your current company but you can also aim higher positions where your PMI-SP credential will make you stand out as a project scheduling expert.

If you already hold PMI-PMP certification, the PMI-SP certification will surely enhance your job prospects and it will bring confidence in you that you can manage project schedule at expert level.

First, you will take PMI-SP exam preparatory training, from me or anyone else.  Second, you will fill up an online exam application form. Once approved, you can schedule the exam as per your availability. You can even sit in the exam from the comfort of your home.

What Material is Needed to Study PMI-SP

Unlike PMI-PMP, you need to learn many books, though not needed to study the entire books, only portion of the all books content make the PMI-SP exam study and preparatory material.

Here I mention the book names that are required to study for the PMI-SP exam.

1. Practice Standard for Earned Value Management
2. Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures
3. Practice Standard for Scheduling

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