We have become very much dependent on fossils for obtaining energy to meet our everyday’s energy needs. How long can these fossils remain and survive to serve our needs? Is renewable energy not the perfect alternative to fossil energy? 

Worldwide Energy Requirements

People and today’s scientists seem to have a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm about the growth and increased production of our worldwide energy requirements from alternative energy sources. We have alternative energy sources available with us in abundance in form of wind, solar and water. These are conventional sources of alternative energy that are becoming very common in use. The everyday research, development and increased enthusiasm that everyone has today for the alternative energy has already created a feel of complacence that our future energy needs

In our global society, alternative energy is an interesting concept, which simply means energy that is extracted from sources other than the usual and primary energy supply such as oil, coal and natural gas. At this age, we all very heavily depend on these three kinds of fossil fuel. We heavily rely on fossil fuel as the principal source of energy for heating, transportation and other necessities. would easily be met.

Renewable Energy

Even though, a lot of progress has been made and is still being made for the promotion and advancement of renewable energy, it is providing only seven percent of the world’s energy production (Source: Energy Information Agency). On the other hand, the fossil fuels, along with nuclear energy (provides six percent of the world’s energy supplies) are providing 94% of the world’s energy resources. It is not likely that nuclear energy will become a major source of world energy in the future. It is because of public insistency and the dangers associated with letting loose the power of the atom. Despite that, many nations see its huge potential and are pressurizing for the further promotion of nuclear energy.

Fossil Fuels

While fossil fuels are capable of fulfilling our daily life needs very efficiently, there is also a problem with them, that is, the fossil fuels are non-renewable and that the available amount of them are decreasing very fast. The bitter truth is that one day; this limited available fuel will be depleted.

Fossil fuels are formed from animals and plants that existed billions of years ago and became buried deep below the earth’s surface where their remains conjointly transmuted into the combustible materials we use today for fuel. The earliest fossil fuel remains are estimated to be 500 millions years old, this is supposedly when the animals and birds first appeared on Earth. The later fossil deposits began forming about five million years ago. The fact is that with the rate the fossil fuel is being consumed today, their formation can not happen quick enough to satisfy our today’s and future demands.

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