Who is Netpreneur? Advantages / Disadvantages of Being a Netpreneur

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The Meaning of Netpreneur?

Who is a Netpreneur? You might not find the term Netpreneur in conventional and outdated dictionaries. It is a relatively new word and it means someone who has started an online business.

What Does a Netpreneur Do?

When we hear the word Netpreneur, we get the image of a nerdy programmer whose life aim is to sit behind the desktop computer and write awesome programs. But this is merely an illusion. Netpreneur is just anybody who works online to make money. It does not require definite technical skills or knowledge of programming or web.

Today, virtually anyone with a good common sense can work online to make some bucks. The trick lies in what one could do. The cyberspace is full of opportunities of all kinds but they just need exploring.

The Pros of being a Netpreneur

If a person has hands on skills in web development or anything that is related to software technology, then there are thousands and thousands of opportunities online. Even if one isn’t familiar with software technologies, you’ll still find tons of opportunities online waiting for you! Many people, around the globe have ditched their conventional 9 to 5 jobs for the ease of a freelancing career that pays off well. The cloud computing has made cyberspace a place of blossoming opportunities for the ones with technical minds.

But for those who do not have any technical skills to use, they could also become successful Netpreneurs. Nowadays, there are millions of people around the globe who have used their inborn skill, no matter what it is, to make money via internet. Women and stay at home mothers have initiated business that they promote and run through social media and other online platforms. Home cooking, article-writing, custom made dresses and handmade crafts are some examples of business ventures for women.

Students use their knowledge of a particular subject to work online. One could get assignments done, final year projects constructed, resumes made, biographies written through online channels and all this is done by the students and intellectuals.

The Cons of being a Netpreneur

Virtually any business could be shifted online and made successful. Online success often comes slow, so it is required for the Netpreneur to be patient and consistent with his effort. However, the level of success is often variable for Netpreneurs as it is in any field of life!

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