Answering: What is the Mediterranean Diet?

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What is Mediterranean Diet?

A Mediterranean Diet Plan is a buzz word in the world of those people who are desperate to loss those additional pounds immediately. Being confronted with this at my last Yoga workout, I was destined to know what exactly a Mediterranean diet plan is and how it is beneficial in weight reduction and here is an explanation to this.

What is Included in the Mediterranean Diet Plan?

A Mediterranean diet is a form of diet that was traditionally used in Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. So what is the Mediterranean diet? This diet planĀ revolves around consuming abundant quantity of plant foods, fresh fruits as deserts, olive oil and dairy products like yogurt and cheese for fat, fish and poultry for protein, no eggs or else 3-4 eggs a week, no or low red meat and wine.

The diet plan focuses on a high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits and vegetables, a moderate consumption of dairy products and white meat, very low consumption of red meat with moderate wine consumption. This form of diet is considered healthy as high level of olive oil has low saturated fats and high mono-unsaturated fats and dietary fibers that help in reducing weight. It has high salt content as plant based foods are rich in natural salt.

Eating 5-6 small portions with different food combinations given in the Mediterranean diet chart along with a daily exercise routine can bring major changes in the body shapes. You can follow any diet plan that you like for reducing weight but it’s strongly recommended to consult your dietician and physician before starting any plan in order to ensure that you will have no harmful or adverse effects of it.

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