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What is Resource Leveling and How is It Done?

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Many new planners ask this question ‘What is resource leveling’? Well, when we are developing the schedule, we are sequencing the activities. Moreover,  we are entering duration and also assigning resources onto the activities.  Now, while we are performing all these activities, our focus is generally to sequence activities based on our task dependencies (mandatory or discretionary).

Once all activities have been entered, their relationship set and resources assigned, we may end up developing a schedule where some of the resources are over allocated and some under allocated.  Now, we perform resource leveling to make sure all resources are leveled.

How to Level an Overallocated or Under-allocated Resource?

Resource can be leveled by many ways, and depending on the situation, priorities and requirements, we choose any of the best suitable options:

  • Reduce Resource’s Hours/Day.
  • Stagger work hours over one or more activities.
  • Increase Activity’s duration.
  • Change Activity date to a date when resource is available for more time. 
  • Add more resource to the activity, and reduce hours of the overallocated resource.
  • Increase availability of the resource.

The planner will decide the best suitable option(s) and until all the resources are not leveled, the project should not go onto the execution phase.

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