Answering: What is Mark on Track in Microsoft Project?

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Looking for information on the ‘Mark on Track’ button in MS Project? You’re on the right page. Here I will explain what ‘Mark on Track’ is and in which situations we should use it.

What is ‘Mark on Track’?

Sometimes, we are in situations that some of your tasks have progressed exactly as planned. Normally, the actual progression somewhat deviates with the target (baseline) but there may be one or more activity that has progressed 100% as planned till current date. For updating these activities, we have a simpler way. Instead of entering their progress in the normal way that takes a few steps i.e. entering ‘% Complete’ / ‘Actual Duration’ / ‘Remaining Duration’, you can only click on ‘Mark on Track’. By clicking this, you are telling MS Project to complete this activity till today exactly as it was planned. 

For example, you have a 10-day activity, starting on 1st of August and today is 5th of August. If you click on ‘Mark on Track’ on 5th, MS Project will complete this activity as 50%, and the remaining duration will be changed to 5 days.

That is a good feature of MS Project, which saves your time in updating activities, for the properly executed activities, which have progressed exactly as planned.

I hope this helps.

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