Airplane Mode Android

Did you ever question someone “What is Airplane mode Android?” I will explain it here. The Airplane mode (often also called as  Flight mode) is a feature in most Smart phones today that allows you to disable all wireless activity to and from your cell phone, such as WiFi, GPS, and cellular signals. There are many advantages of Airplane Mode and these are described below.

When Should You Use Airplane Mode?

The Airplane mode feature was introduced to allow people traveling in an airplane disable all wireless activity of their mobile phone so that there may be no interference to wireless signals sent and received by the wireless devices installed in the aircraft.  Those who have traveled by air must have heard cabin crew asking all passengers to switch off their mobile phone before take off. But now we have Airplane Mode in newer phones, we can leave our phones on and just disable the wireless communications. This way, we can still enjoy applications, games and music that are in our mobile phones.

What are Others Uses of Airplane Mode?

Well, there are many uses of Airplane Mode other than the one described above. Although the Flight Mode wasn’t meant for these purposes, it can be used for these reasons.

1. Battery Saver:  If you are running out of battery, turn on Flight Mode since in this mode,  wireless activities are disabled, consequently a very little battery is used. The Flight Mode can later be turned on when you need to make a phone call.

2. Privacy:  Do you stop people from ringing you? Turn on Flight Mode. But may be at the same time you want to use your WiFi? With Flight Mode is turned on, WiFi is also disabled. However, you can turn on your phone’s WiFi manually whenever you want. This way, you can enjoy the Internet and also remains save from receiving phone calls at the same time.

3. Stop SMS from going to the receiver:  If you send a SMS message to someone by mistake and want to stop it from sending, quickly turn on the Flight Mode. Once it is turned on, delete your SMS. It will then not be transmitted to the recipient.

4. Avoid danger of fire: We all know that mobile phone signals are so intense that if frequently and intensely passed by flammable liquid, fire can be caused. There have been many instances in past where mobile phone signals caused fire at fuel station and at other places.

So, when you are at such a place where fire can be caused easily, such as a fuel station, a work place where flammable goods are stored, instead of switching off your mobile phone, you can simple and quickly turn on Flight Mode to disable phone’s wireless communications.

This article explained what Airplane Mode Android is and the different uses of Airplane Mode.

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